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Hello my name is Mike Oxley. I used to be a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Oklahoma County. I was working security for a doctors office. The office was raided by the Attorney Generals office of Oklahoma. They were raising several doctors in the state. Some were pill mills some were not. After they raided his office they began to realize he was pretty much running it by the book. That's when their tactics became dirty!  They told county I was under investigation knowing it would automatically suspend me which it did. I was told by my cheif deputy to go talk to them. I did go talk to them without an attorney because I had nothing to hide and actually thought they were looking for the truth. They were not. It became a full blown interrogation. They basically asked me to say I saw something that I didn't actually see and i refused! They wanted me to lie. Guess they thought i would because of the thin blue line. They thought wrong. I was told i would be sorry. I couldn't get off of suspension till the investigation was over so i had no income for about 3 months. I found another job and began working and waiting for it to end. This all started Jan 2015. In April of 2016 I was arrested at my new job. They refused to tell me what i was being arrested for. I found out once i arrived at the jail. I was charged along with a handful of the staff from the doctors office. The doctor, office manager and 3 nurses then myself. Remember i was just doing security. I was charged the same as all of them. The charges were .. 

1. Conspiracy to distribute cds 2000 fr from a park

2. Distribution of cds 2000 ft from a park

3. Medicaid fraud.

4. Identity theft.

5. Practicing medicine without a license.

6. Conspiracy of Medicaid fraud.

They stacked the charges to make 30 of them and it was all bogus. For a year they tried to pressure me into lying saying I was going to prison for 800 years. My parents paid 13,500 dollars for my bail and then 25 grand for an attorney. I've been to court several times. I went to preliminary hearing for about 10 days that stretched out over a year and a half. After the first year passed I was forced to pay bond interest of 1100 dollars a month and my family has been since April of 2017.  Ail cost total about 32 grand right now. We are out of funds to fight. The evidence the state provided has nothing on me. Their is no proof or evidence and very little mention of me. They offered me 6 months in county with a 10 year probation. They later took that away and I was told they were offering me 20 years. Then this year they offered me a 5 year deffered deal. I said no to all of them. I did not commit any crimes and the charges on me are bogus. With no proof and evidence why would I plead guilty to something I did not do or for something that never happened. I believe the state now realizes they don't have anything and this is why they have dragged it out for us to run out of money to fight. My attorney has not really fought and has tried to get me to take plea deals. He even tried to talk me into a blind plea and we all know how bad that is. He just wants out. I know I can beat this and not become another Oklahoma statistic on wrongfully convicted. The state need to be held accountable for these kinds of tactics. The prosecutor want a conviction so bad they will lie and steal to make it happen. They know people who do not make alot of money always take a plea deal because they can't afford to fight and they get that conviction. This needs to stop! I hate asking for money. I hate asking for help but I can not admit guilt to something I did not do. You ever wonder why good cops don't come forward against bad cops? Well this is why. I stood up to the bad and they cost me everything. They made me into a criminal so my word would be discredited and bo one would listen. I am fighting for my life and I need help to fight this. If I can afford an attorney and win my new mission in life is to fight this so no one else has to go through this. This coruption has to be fought. I have a civil right advocate helping me and trying get attention drawn to this case. For the last year I have tried to go to the media to get my story out but they inform me they dont want to get involved but they sure did when I was arrested and the state gave them a false narrative. I'm not getting anywhere with local media or national. Some say they need to see the transcript to confirm what I told them. We gave been waiting on that transcript for a year. I am also having to pay 450 a month court ordered for that transcript which cost a total of 26,000 dollars. Today I've learned they have put a gag order on the transcript to where I can not use it in the public but only in the court room so I have to fight and I need an attorney to do so. Again I hate asking for help but I am at the end of my road. I need help to fight this corruption and to fight it after I'm done. Oh and Scott Pruitt is the one who put me into this mess with his corrupt agents. Thank you!

 I have a son who unfortunately saw the news along with his mother about me. He was highly embarrassed and his mother who I do not get along with used this to drive a wedge between us. I told him I was innocent and was going to fight and prove it to him. I have not talked to him since this happened.

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