Baloo has Cancer and Needs the Mutt Militia!
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Baloo has cancer and needs the Mutt Militia! Baloo has been with us for 5 years, helping to rehabilitate countless dogs that have come through our rescue. Donating to save Baloo is worth it because he absolutely sacrificed himself for this organization over the years. He has been pack leader to hundreds of dogs and now it's OUR turn to step up and show the big guy how much we value him!

Baloo was recently diagnosed with Cancer go the Mouth. The Cancer progressed into the hard palate and will require extensive testing and certainly surgery to help save him. Here is the plan UC Davis Dentistry and Oral Surgery to help save his life:

-Blood work and Ultrasound to see if cancer has spread into vital organs.
-Biopsy to further test cancerous growth
-CT Scan to evaluate progress of cancer and establish margins for surgery.
-Jaw surgery to remove a large portion of his jaw/ hard palate to eliminate cancer
- Radiation may be considered to help fight progression of cancer but may not be needed.


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