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Brookhaven Case: We are trying to assist a good Samaritan with a hoarding case in the Town of Brookhaven. We have our hands full with hoarding cats, but we have to help these people get the hoard next door under control.

The man's wife collected cats, and has been permanently hospitalized. He is moving and is not a cat person and does not want them. He is however cooperating and has asked for help.
None of the cats are fixed or vetted. There are about 18 of them that are socialized and inside and need somewhere to go. ARF has offered help with TNR for the outdoor ferals. Brookhaven Animal Shelter took the 2 sickest but they are overcrowded. We have taken 4 kittens so far and are picking 2 adults on Mon. All the kittens were sick from exposure to the conditions in the house and 1 is FIV positive... but that is not a death sentence. He had horrible ears but they were cleaned again. His teeth and gums need work and his URI is really bad so we put him in a stronger medication. Linc is only 4 months old. What a sad beginning to his life....
He will need further testing and care to fix his issues but we are off to an amazing start! The road to recovery will be paved with love for this deserving little boy! Please keep Linc in your thoughts as we continue our journey with him.

Lindenhurst Case: One of our volunteers responded to a hoarding case where cats were in distress. We took 2 immeadiately to the ER and the rest are all seeing regular vets as we catch them. We went today with one little female who has some neuro issues and a severe case of ear mites and infection.
Please help if you can.

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