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EcoFoote links people and businesses to a ​​multidimensional approach to sustainability. Our platform takes you on a journey of measuring and reducing your personal environmental impact. We encourage sustainable behaviour by setting interactive tasks that enable you to reduce your eco-footprint. With every completed task, we reward you with eco-coins that can be used to purchase sustainable products. In doing so, we close the feedback loop in a circular economic model of guiding, rewarding and connecting people to sustainable solutions. EcoFoote uses lifestyle based information to calculate personal environmental impact, incentivizing healthy behaviour that benefits you and the planet.

The name EcoFoote credits the woman who discovered the greenhouse gas effect in 1856. Eunice Newton Foote was the first scientist known to have experimented on the warming effect of sunlight on different gases. She went on to theorize that changing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would change its temperature, in her paper Circumstances affecting the heat of the sun's rays. At the time of her discovery, women were not allowed to present papers to the American Association of Advanced Sciences 
(AAAS), so  she was never credited for her work.

As one of the many female scientists who never received recognition, 
Eunice Newton Foote  deserves to be remembered for her contribution and legacy.  In honour of her commitment to science and the betterment of our planet, EcoFoote pays tribute to her findings in our name and vision to combat climate change.


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Plant a tree
Plant a tree to reduce your personal carbon footprint and impact on the environment. On average, humans have a carbon footprint of approximately 4 tons per year depending on their geographic location and lifestyle. This is equivalent to the amount that 200 trees can store per year.

1 tree = HK$20 = 20Kg's of Carbon dioxide stored

The amount of carbon a tree stores on average depends on the species, size and the age of the tree. On average a tree stores around 20 Kg's of CO2 per year.
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