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Mother & child in Sderot shelter Why Federation? Why now? 

The numbers are telling: More than seven weeks of conflict. More than five million Israelis within terrorists' reach. Thirteen years of siren blasts. And yet the toll it has taken on Israelis, especially those in the south, is immeasurable. 

In towns like Sderot, 28 percent of adults - and an incomprehensible 94 percent of children - are showing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The long-term effects - depression, physical health declines, bereavement, and disability - are bound to surface in many of these young Israelis in the weeks, months, and years to come. 

Jewish Federations across North America have come together to help. 

For Israel's most vulnerable citizens - the elderly, people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and so many others - transitioning in and out of the crisis this summer has been a daunting challenge. Our partner agencies provide these populations with psychological first aid, hotline support, and therapeutic counseling. 

Please assist us with providing long-term care to those directly affected by the traumas of war. Help bring a smile once more to the faces of the children and adults who have lived under the sound of sirens for thirteen years. Help bring back a feeling of personal safety and peace of mind to those who have lived through more than seven weeks of conflict this summer. 


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