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"Brave, Bold & Boundless" - A Virtual Fashion Show Benefiting Cancer Kinship
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On behalf of Cancer Kinship and the cancer community we serve, I’d like to invite you to join us as a contributor of our upcoming virtual fashion show, Brave, Bold & Boundless , in support of our "Cancer Connections" Peer Mentorship program, our Survivor Empowerment & Education Workshops, and community resource navigation services that help meet the emotional and psychosocial needs of our clients. Our programs alleviate distress and isolation, and address many mental health challenges experienced by cancer patients and survivors. We offer practical tools, tips and knowledge to help our participants cope, not only with their diagnosis, treatments, and surgeries, but also with the extreme isolation and increased fear that they have been experiencing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we, the global community, continue to adjust and cope with the impact of COVID-19, one thing continues to ring true for us at Cancer Kinship: Cancer Does Not Care About COVID-19 ! Many patients are still hearing the words, “You have cancer,” while attending doctor appointments alone and going to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries without much-needed support due to continued social distancing requirements. The impact on long-term impact of COVID-19 for the cancer community is yet to be seen, but the inequalities of the pandemic are coming to light every single day. Questions are unanswered, fear is rising, and hope seems far away.

While the out-pour of community support has been primarily focused on greatly needed safety net programs such as local food banks and housing programs, and with the recent shift to social justice, we at Cancer Kinship have continued to move our mission forward despite recent financial challenges. We garnered support from our close network through social media fundraising campaigns and personal gifts from our Executive Advisory Council after cancelling our grassroots in-person events due to shelter at home regulations. We are grateful for the support we've received from our community, which has helped us reach important organizational milestones amid the pandemic. We are proud to share that we transitioned 100% of our programs online. We are breaking geographic barriers with virtual services as we continue to reach patients and survivors from across the nation from our home base in Southern California. We are thankful for the many silver linings we've experienced throughout the last few months.

As we continue to adapt and grow, we are shifting our outreach and fundraising efforts towards the corporate community, while being mindful of the many operational challenges that may have impacted many companies' philanthropic capabilities. We realize that the timing may not be right, but nevertheless, we are eager to learn how your company is doing and looking forward to exploring how we may both benefit from a partnership. We hope to garner support from community-minded companies who are interested in helping us advance our mission through philanthropy, volunteerism, and ambassadorship. Our hope is that this event will serve as a catalyst for our program expansion to reach even more patients in need. We are committed to making this fashion show not just a fun and unique virtual experience, but also the most successful fundraising event to date! Let's join forces to transform fear into hope! 

Should you have any questions or if you are ready to move forward as a sponsor, I encourage you to contact Yoli Origel, Executive Director at 714-592-1625 or Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

Cancer Kinship is a community initiative sponsored by OneOC, an IRS recognized 501c3 public charity under tax ID #95-2021700. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. All contributions secured on this platform will receive an immediate gift acknowledgement by email. For donations over $250, Cancer Kinship's fiscal sponsor, OneOC, will provide a gift acknowledgement. Credit card charges will list OneOC as the recipient of your sponsorship. Please call 714-953-5757 or email to reach OneOC’s Finance Department. 

Our fashion show is mission-aligned and designed to build community while empowering cancer patients through a fashion experience. Our show will feature cancer patients and survivors who will be participating as models. In preparation for the show, Cancer Kinship will engage them in various empowerment activities and workshops that are designed to create human connections, build their confidence and self-esteem. Activities will include our model orientation that will facilitate introductions where the participants will have an opportunity to meet each other, share their cancer stories and connect with fellow survivors. Our models will work with volunteer hair and makeup coaches and a professional fashion show coordinator to become runway-ready in a fun and safe environment.

Unlike traditional fashion shows, the fashions will be modeled in a COVID-safe environment: from the comfort of our models' homes, and all outfits will be selected from their own wardrobes. The highlight of the show will not be the fashions, but rather a celebration of life; highlighting our models' resiliency and grit. Videos will be captured throughout the entire experience and will be stitched together in a high-energy virtual fashion show event format that viewers can enjoy from the comfort of their respective homes. Together we will build community while celebrating survivorship.

The event will feature an event emcee who will welcome all viewers and help with the flow of the show with their funny and witty commentary. They will also share about Cancer Kinship's mission and programs and introduce our presenting sponsor who will have an opportunity to share a personalized welcome message on behalf of his/her company. Then, the viewers will get a behind-the-scenes sneak peak that will generate excitement for the main fashion event, set to heart pounding, energizing and inspirational music. Many scene transitions will provide an opportunity for us to highlight our sponsors. The event will also include the announcement of our opportunity drawing winners and a "fund the mission" donation request. Our sponsors will be recognized various times throughout the event, as outlined in the enclosed benefits page. The show's finale will feature inspirational messages from our cancer survivor models and cancer community to our viewers - encouraging us that we, too, can be strong and resilient during these tough times.


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Sorry, we're not currently accepting contributions.
$15,000 USD
Presenting Sponsorship (Exclusive Opportunity)
Impact: A $15,000 sponsorship provides a cancer survivor mentor to 25 newly diagnosed patients for one-on-one emotional support for up to 6 months through our "Cancer Connections" Peer Mentorship Program.

Sponsorship Benefits: A pre-recorded 30-second custom video by company leader that will be played during the welcome segment of fashion show. Company name & logo on all event materials, pre/post digital promotions and social posts. Includes free company-wide viewing access up to 50 employees during premier (valued at $1,250).
Exclusive opportunity limited to one company.
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$1,000 USD
Sponsor A Cancer Survivor Model (10 Opps)
Impact: Support ten models who will be selected to participate in this special empowering experience. Friendships will be created, community will be built and peer support will be offered throughout this uplifting experience.

Sponsorship Benefits: Company name & logo will be displayed during the model introductions segment of the fashion show. Free viewing access for 5 employees during the fashion show premier (valued at $125).
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$2,500 USD
Sponsor A Survivor Empowerment Pre-Show Workshop
Impact: All models will participate in pre-show activities that will build their self-esteem while empowering them to embrace survivorship in a fun and engaging experience. Workshops include: model orientation, hair & makeup coaching and fashion selection Zoom meetings. All workshops will be recorded and content will be used for "behind the scenes" footage that will be included in the fashion show.

Sponsorship Benefits: Sponsor logo & names will be included in the behind the scenes video segment of the show and digital program. Free viewing access for 10 employees during the fashion show premier (valued at $250).
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$2,500 USD
Trend Setter - Sponsorship Level
Impact: A $2,500 sponsorship provides language-appropriate resource navigation to 25 cancer patients who need access to food, housing, transportation, legal advice, physician referral, oncology literature, financial assistance for basic needs, out-of-pocket medical expenses, etc. Through local community partnerships, Cancer Kinship also provides COVID crisis support for cancer patients who have been diagnosed with the virus.

Sponsorship Benefits: Company name and/or logo in sponsor video segment of fashion show and digital event program. Free viewing access for 10 employees during the fashion show premier (valued at $250).
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$5,000 USD
So Chic - Sponsorship Level
Impact: A $5,000 sponsorship provides a mindfulness & stress management workshop series, facilitated by a professional mental health services professional(s) for up to 25 participants per workshop (50 total participants). Includes guided meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, and other helpful tools and resources to help participants manage stress, and reduce emotional distress.

Sponsorship Benefits: Verbal recognition during the fashion show, inclusion in sponsor video segment of fashion show. Company name and/or logo with hyperlink on social media posts. Free viewing access for 15 employees during fashion show premier (Valued at $375).
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$5,000 USD
Sponsor A Fashion Scene (3 Opps Available)
Impact: The fashion show will include three scenes that will engage all models in an empowering virtual catwalk experience. Confidence-building fashion show coaching will be offered to all models.

Sponsorship Benefits: Company name & logo will be prominently displayed at the beginning of the fashion show scenes. Includes social media & verbal recognition during the show, Name, logo and hyperlink included in all social media posts. Free viewing access for 15 employees during fashion show premier (Valued at $375).
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$7,500 USD
En Vogue - Sponsorship Level
Impact: A $7,500 sponsorship provides bi-monthly art workshops for up to 200 participants annually (24 workshops annually). Participants learn how to release cancer-related fears and worry, and learn new coping skills through creative expression.

Sponsorship Benefits: Recognition on social media event pages (FB, LI, IG), and all digital marketing. Inclusion in sponsor segment of show. Company name and/or logo with hyperlink in the digital program. Free viewing access for 25 employees during fashion show premier (valued at $625).
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$10,000 USD
Couture - Sponsorship Level
Impact: A $10,000 sponsorship provides a cancer survivor mentor to 15 newly diagnosed patients for one-on-one emotional support for up to 6 months through our "Cancer Connections" Peer Mentorship Program.

Sponsorship Benefits: Prominent recognition on Cancer Kinship's' website & social media pages (FB, LI, IG). Verbal recognition throughout fashion show. Inclusion in all digital marketing including name, logo and hyperlink. Free viewing access for 50 employees during fashion show video premier.
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