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Who We Are

Ernest and Patricia, along with their 3 children, started Cici Life Farm Sanctuary last summer in order to fulfill a long time dream of saving animals and spreading compassion. The sanctuary is a place where abused or neglected farm animals are brought to live their lives out in peace and harmony like all creatures should. It is also a place where anyone can come to connect, learn more about these unique and sentient beings and be inspired to extend their circle of compassion.

Our Story


When we first bought the property last year our main concern was to have a place big enough and fully fenced for our animals to live on. There wasn't much more to the property besides a chicken coup and a small barn. We quickly built a separation fence within the first week to separate the animals. And within the first few summer months we ended up taking over 15 more animals in. The baby bull calves we rescued were the most desperate as they would have died without the months of rehabilitation, surgeries, medication, thousands of dollars and wound care we provided for them. Since we didn't have a proper barn for them at the time, they lived in our basement which was already in rough shape but nothing compared to the aftermath.

We soon built a barn with the help of two wonderful volunteers and moved most of the animals out there. What we didn't realize however is that the place where we put the barn was in the middle of the run-off from the creek in the mountain behind us, and as spring hit and the snow began to melt, our entire barn became flooded leaving us desperately trying to find temporary shelters for the animals.

We also took in a few emergency rescues over the winter such as Austin our horse and 2 potbelly pigs who have been living in a shelter under our porch and have now started rooting the entire grazing area. 

What We Need

This is where you all come in. We desperately and urgently need to build 2 new barns for the large animals and 3 small shelters for the pot belly pigs. We also need to build more fencing to keep the pigs away from destroying the grazing area. We are looking to raise $10 000 to be able to buy all the materials and supplies we need to have our animals set up safely for this coming season. Any small donation counts and it adds up!  If every one of our 4000 instagram followers donated only $5, we would exceed our goal by double the amount! Please consider giving towards our amazing cause so that we can ensure our animals are safe and well cared for and can spread our time and efforts towards connecting with people, community outreach, and saving more animals. Although this is our personal dream, I believe we all share the same values and love towards animals and towards spreading compassion. Dreams like these can only be built through the love and generosity of a community.


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