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The Caccamise Family Needs Help
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     Family and Friends ,                                        I come to you not with humility, embarrassment, or shame, but rather with humbleness and a great need for help.      As all of you know or haven't known, I have not worked ...

     Family and Friends ,

                                       I come to you not with humility, embarrassment, or shame, but rather with humbleness and a great need for help.

     As all of you know or haven't known, I have not worked since October of 2012 because of my knee surgery and the post-op infection that followed. What most of you didn't know is that I already had a bad back from the major car accident we were involved in back in 2001. The main reason why I worked nights afterwards was because of lesser physicl demand on my body. Well, following my knee infection with my last surgery, I was put onto 2 very strong anti-biotics, which I was discovered of being allergic to until after a 4-6 for both. The damage that was caused to my body has been a constant battle of medical attention. I am under the care of multiple Doctors whom I see every month. It isn't uncommon for me to have more than one appointment a week.

     Because of my health condition, I have filed for Social Security Disability and still have several months until my medical case is held in front of a Florida Disability Judge who "Should" approve my disability case with my health condition presented to them. I am presently 38 yrs old, but feel like I'm 90.

     With ths being said, I am most proud of my wife Stacy. Through all of my personal hardships, she has completed college with her Associate's Degree in Nursing. She has just started her 2nd job at a hospital's wound clinic, in which she is scheduled 3-4 weekdays each week. She will be getting her first paycheck from there at the end of this week. She is still working at the nursing home, which she has been employed to for the last 9 years. She is now a Supervisor there, but the position is 3 days a week: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With recent nursing home company changes, her hours went from 40 hours pay per week, while only having the work (2)16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday, down to 32 hours pay for working 3 days.

     Now comes the reason for this fundraiser:

     We had another car accident back in November 2013. As a result, Stacy and myself incurred further back injuries. Stacy, who as you know is our family's income provider was unable to work for a short while, whether it was leaving work due to pain or doctors appointments, and the many medical reasons incurred. She had exhausted her sick time pay and vaction pay to help us have money, and both of our parents helped us with food and money for bills too. 

     Stacy's pain from the accident was really bad and her ability to work full time and to pay our bills was hindered for serveral months.

     We were creative when Stacy's college hours were full time througout the week, and she was at school night and day, unable to work overtime. This crazy schedule of hers was her last 6 months of school. We managed by acquiring "Payday Loans" to help us pay for food, rent, utility bills, and the montly medical appointments and prescription medicines. At first, one loan helped us get through until the next payday, and so forth. We had acquired 3 of these types of loans by the time last fall season had reached.

     We were just in the position to start paying them off, and did manage to pay 1 off, when the car accident occured. Despite the financial assistance from both of our parents, after the car accident, and Stacy's decreased income, we had to get more "Payday Loans," just to survive and make it through each month.

     Our family's boat is sinking! We have done our best to stay a float and tread water, however, since "Payday Loans" are re-occuring each pay cycle, Stacy's paycheck is more than half consumed to pay off these automatically bank account deducted debts. Our bills are getting paid later and later each month, now bills are becoming a month past due. Our rent too is late, and not been paid on time for several months as well, each time being penalized a hefty late fee to an already expensive rental lease.

     Our goal to this fundraiser is to acquire the money necessary to pay our rent, utility bills that are overdue, and to Pay Off these "Payday Loans."  We wanted to use our Income Tax Return to pay off these "Payday Loans" and finally be free and clear of them, but since we had to send it by mail this year, we do not expect to get the refund until the end of April or into May. 

     I have done my best that I possibly could do by using the "Payday Loans" as "life preservers," but the time has come where I know we will not survive and stay a float by the time we get our income tax return.

     I am Humbly asking for all of our family and friend to please donate what you can. Please Forward and Share this Caccamise Family Fundraiser to ALL of your Facebook Family and Friends and have them share and send it to all of their family and friends!!  We need this fundraiser to spread like an emergency fundraising wild fire, so our word and situation can be read and donations from througout can be made.

      All fundraising money received will immediately go to pay our rent, "Payday Loans," monthly utility bills, and other miscellaneous debts, in that order.

     Thank You.

Sincerely and Humbly Yours,

David & Stacy Caccamise, Tampa, FL



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