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On Dec. 30, 2014 I had my 2nd rotator cuff repair on my left shoulder. This one was a little more intense. I had a hole in my tendon which took a cadaver graph to "patch" the tendon. I also had bone spurs on the ball of my shoulder which were shaved off.

  I am scheduled already for the second rotator cuff surgery on the left shoulder on Dec. 30th. I had the right one done on Sept. 23rd of this year. My goal is to get both surgeries on my shoulder repairs out of the way this year with deductable already paid for this year. Then starting in Jan. my doctor visits will eat up the medicare deductable fairly quickly. I go to the Rheumatologist every 2-3 months to be checked and have blood work done. I see the new Neurologist (Dr. Maria De Jesus) again after I finish this new dosage of Wellbutrin that Dr. Deuell started me on last week to replace the Prozac. (She is thinking that maybe the Prozac was interfering with the Epilepsey meds.) no seizures since the 16th of Dec.(which is a Yay for me!!) I just need help getting this surgery out of the way, (about $300) Then the injections in my spine that are needed are for the degenerative bone disease that I have. The newest MRI's show alot of problems with different disc from my lower back which I have 2 titanium cages already placed, all the way up to my neck. The degeneration is back and very active. The treatment they are wanting to start with is the Facet injections which I have tried before, but, this time could be different. They are $180 ea. inj. (that is my 20% after medicare pays.) I have 8 discs needing inj. and the inj. come in 2's. one on each side. I am looking at a total of 16 inj. at $180 ea. totaling $2880, plus whatever Dr. Kikkeri (pain management doctor) charges to do them each time. Here is a personal report showing my diagnosis from Dr. Ata's office from August which is the last time I saw him. (these are all diagnosis HE has diagnosed me with)

Problem TypeConditionICD-9 CodeEffective DatesOnSet DatesCondition StatusUnspecified sleep apnea780.57Aug 12, 2013ActiveRestless legs syndrome [RLS]333.94Aug 12, 2013ActiveOther convulsions780.39Aug 12, 2013ActivePain in joint, shoulder region719.41Aug 12, 2013ActiveDisplacement of cervical intervertebral disc without myelopathy722.0Aug 12, 2013ActiveDisplacement of lumbar intervertebral disc without myelopathy722.10Aug 12, 2013ActiveDegeneration of thoracic or thoracolumbar intervertebral disc722.51Aug 12, 2013ActiveComplete rupture of rotator cuff727.61Aug 12, 2013ActiveRheumatoid arthritis714.0Aug 12, 2013ActiveLocalization-related (focal) (partial) epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with complex partial seizures, without mention of intractable epilepsy345.40Aug 12, 2013ActiveUnspecified transient cerebral ischemia/CVA435.9Aug 12, 2013ActiveBrachial neuritis or radiculitis nos.723.4Aug 12, 2013ActiveThoracic or lumbosacral neuritis or radiculitis, unspecified724.4Aug 12, 2013ActiveDizziness and giddiness780.4Aug 12, 2013ActiveIdiopathic progressive polyneuropathy356.4Aug 12, 2013ActiveDiplopia368.2Aug 12, 2013ActiveGeneralized anxiety disorder300.02Aug 12, 2013Active ©Powered by eClinicalWorksPatient Name: Amanda WillefordDate of Birth: October 4, 1966 Created On: December 23, 2013

These are my Rheumatologist, Dr. Chowdhry's diagnosis:

ProblemStart:Jul 16, 2013268.9 (ICD9-CM)Vitamin D deficiencyActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Jul 16, 2013790.1 (ICD9-CM)Elevated ESRActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:May 28, 2013401.9 (ICD9-CM)HypertensionActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:May 28, 2013345.80 (ICD9-CM)Other forms of epilepsy and recurrent seizures, without mention of intractable epilepsyActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:May 28, 2013436 (ICD9-CM)Acute, but ill-defined, cerebrovascular diseaseActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Feb 15, 2013719.41 (ICD9-CM)Shoulder painActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Apr 02, 201281.00 (ICD9-CM)Spinal fusion, not otherwise specifiedActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Jan 11, 2012729.0 (ICD9-CM)FibromyalgiaActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Jan 11, 2012715.16 (ICD9-CM)Primary localized osteoarthritis of kneeActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Jan 11, 2012780.79 (ICD9-CM)FatigueActiveIftikhar Chowdhry   ProblemStart:Jan 11, 2012719.49 (ICD9-CM)PolyarthralgiaActiveIftikhar Chowdhry

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