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Help Homeless Veterans in rural Florida in need.
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Our Mission is to help all in need to the best of our ability. We follow the parable of the Good Samaritan, as there are no requirements for our services. And we know our program is second to none, as we constantly reinvent the wheel to make ...
Our Mission is to help all in need to the best of our ability. We follow the parable of the Good Samaritan, as there are no requirements for our services. And we know our program is second to none, as we constantly reinvent the wheel to make it all work. The faces of homelessness can change as well as each individual’s circumstances. And there have been very few that we have not been able to help. Our program has no paid staff. It is for the homeless to help the homeless. They offer each other a hand up, and not a hand out.
The Mission in Citrus Inc was founded in 2008, after our founder became homeless himself, and found that traditional shelters were not working, or addressing the needs of Veterans. Veterans fought for the rights of all, including themselves. The Founder feels that no one should lose those rights by becoming homeless. The shelters he stayed in, and visited, force the residents to church, hard labor, and many other things that do not make them productive or a part of society when they leave. That is why our Veterans Shelter is helping Veterans, and our other three shelters for the homeless are all working.
The Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelters are located in Crystal River, Hernando, Floral City, and Inverness Florida… our mission is to help all in need regardless of their faith or lack of. While we encourage, teach and preach the Gospel, we force it upon no one. It is not a requirement for any of our services. The Mission is a 501(c)3 Public Charity and all donations are tax deductible. Over $.95 cents of every dollar goes directly to goods and services for homeless residents.

An answer has been found to help homeless Veterans in very rural areas. Angels on wheels.

Imagine this: No hot meals , No showers or baths for days on end, no clean clothes , body sores ,lice,soaked with no way to get dry,cans and bottles and abuse thrown at you all day.Some life huh..The rural homeless Veterans live it everyday.

Angels on Wheels will allow mobile services to all of the homeless Veteran population of Citrus County, and once proven effective… Across America. Many rural populations around the Country are suffering.As services can be up to 50 + miles away.

Angels on Wheels can:
•Provide goods and services in five different locations weekly and effectively help the entire homeless population in Citrus County.
•Provide food pantry and survival items - Food, toiletries, blankets, shoes, grills, bicycles, tents, and much more can be properly handed out and accounted for.
•Provide postal service - Pick up and deliver mail and provide supplies enabling contact with their loved ones.
•Weekly showers and laundry services - Enabling them to job search in proper fashion.
•Computer services to include - Job searches, applying for food stamps or SSI, emailing or finding their loved ones, resumes, and other needed services.
•Provide on site anger management, Alcohol and drug, and other counseling services.
•Schedule and arrange County transportation.
•Provide two vans for appointments, grocery shopping, and other need items.
•Provide on site medical and dental help.
•Haircuts and cosmetology services
•Help applying for VA,Medicaid, Social Security, or other benefits available.
•Supply newspapers and other news and job search materials.
•Provide an accurate homeless population count and other statistics to the proper State and Federal agencies.
•Provide information to other County service providers and utilize their services.
•Provide donated clothing, coats, and other needed items.
•Police and monitor the homeless communities. Currently the Sheriff Dept only investigates reported crime or fires during a burn ban… Many homeless residents are abused, beaten, or bullied by others… On site services would allow us to weed out the homeless communities and put criminals where they belong. In jail or receiving treatment…We would also deter scam artists who panhandle daily and abuse the kindness of others.

The only way to end homelessness is to bring the homeless population and the community together through volunteerism, awareness, kindness, and most of all action. The entire homeless population must be reached for this to happen. In rural areas you do not see the homeless as you do in the city… They live in the swamps, woods, under bridges, abandoned homes, and other areas out of sight. They are more often arrested, harassed, and abused due to the lack of help and services. It must end.

Pastor James Sleighter / Founder and President
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