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MEDIA REPORT-Stalking of Child: Police Complicit
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We allege the following.

Our family are victims of stalking and criminal harassment since 2009.

The man that stalked and harassed our family is someone completely unknown to us, someone who did not live in our neighborhood, someone we had never spoken with.

He is however an associate of the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] in Osoyoos, British Columbia.

This is especially disturbing as it involved the stalking of our minor child, only 14 years old when it began.

Please see attached link to a story that came out in "The Province" newspaper in Vancouver, B.C, in October of this year.

We allege that RCMP members [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] fully supported a man that stalked and criminally harassed a teenage boy, and his family, in two cities, over a period of six years.

We have filed a Civil Lawsuit in BC Supreme Court.

Conspiracy, malicious prosecution, assault, persecution, unprecedented human rights violations, are among the allegations.

Some of the defendants in this case are members of the RCMP.

Unfortunately for the public, it is well known through media and court actions, alleged corruption within the RCMP is systemic, and widespread, and without consequences for offending RCMP.

The man we allege relentlessly stalked our family, is a "Citizen on Patrol" who has close ties with and is an associate of the RCMP.

The facts in this case are shocking and scandalous.

We allege RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] were complicit in assisting and enabling the stalker to commit these crimes.

Repeated alleged incidents of stalking and harassment against our family [including the stalking and harassment of our minor son] are documented on video.

We also have a surveillance tape of the entire morning of November 2, 2010, [see Statement of Claim included] the day that Dave Hillson and Steven Templeton 'falsely accuse' Sharon Laybourne of 'attempting to run at Dave Hillson" with our car. The video confirms that Dave Hillson and Steven Templeton lied about what happened that morning.The video [from two sources] show Sharon safely driving home down our street at 30km/hour, slowly into our driveway, as far away as possible from Dave Hillson, completely on the other side of the road. The surveillance also shows Dave Hillson run around from behind a semi-truck, as he sees Sharon driving home. He places himself, leaning at the back of this semi-truck, staring at Sharon as Sharon drives into her driveway. Minutes later, an RCMP car shows up; RCMP Jodi Rausch begins setting up cones on the road, and taking pictures of the road.RCMP falsely arrest Sharon, asking her absolutely no questions, and despite the fact that Sharon advises RCMP she has surveillance. Our evidence shows this 'set up' on video.

The three witness statements from Dave Hillson, Steven Templeton, and John Shiels, were false, there is video.
Why didn't RCMP or the Crown 'charge' the three false witnesses when all parties knew the accusations were false based on video surveillance?
By use of a private information, we took our video evidence to a Judge, and the Judge approved criminal charges against all three of these false witnesses, Dave Hillson, Steven Templeton and John Shiels, for 'accusing an innocent person of a criminal offense', and one of the false witnesses, John Shiels, was charged with 'conspiracy'.
A Judge also approved of criminal charges against Sgt. Ken Harrington, Oliver RCMP, with "defamatory libel known to be false", based on a private information that we presented to the Judge.
We do not personally know any of these false witnesses, we have never spoken to or communicated with any of these three men, so what could the motive be? Hate?

Based on our experience, based on what had already happened to our family, incredibly, the only choice we had was to flee our home.
We fled with everything just left as it was.....We never could and never did return to live in our home.
Between November 2010 and until our house sold in October 2011, we spent only a few hours total at our home, gathering necessities.We were escorted to our home each time with friends, we would quickly grab some items and leave.This drastic measure of 'fleeing' our home, was the only option we had."Conditions" were imposed on us based on false accusations, in November 2010.RCMP 'conditions' stated that:
we could not posess any camera or cellphone, we could have no surveillance at our home or anywhere,
we could not speak to 'anyone' directly or indirectly about what was happening to us, this included speaking to the media,
We were totally gagged. We could not speak to anyone about these crimes being committed against our family.

We had already experienced repeated 'false accusations' from Dave Hillson.After these false 'conditions' were imposed on us, we allege Dave Hillson continued to relentlessly stalk and harass our family, including our minor son.It was the perfect storm. We believe Hillson and RCMP would falsely accuse us again and we would not have any defense as we could not possess any type of camera or surveillance at our home.Therefore, we could not be at our home or anywhere near Osoyoos.
Infact, RCMP Jodi Rausch threatened Sharon on November 2, 2010, "you [Sharon] can be searched anywhere and at anytime, and if you have a camera or cellphone, we will arrest you"
Media articles sometimes characterizes what our family experienced as being a 'dispute'.
Being stalked and harassed by a person that you do not know, that you have no history with, and that you have not communicated with, is not a dispute, it is stalking and criminal harassment.

Issues relating to zoning and safety ended early on with no resolution.However, the alleged stalking and criminal harassment of our family was relentless and continued after we fled our home, infact, we allege it continued in the new city that we fled to.

These issues are clearly in the public interest, protecting people, especially children, and bringing consequences when there is harm from those entrusted with the commission of protecting citizens.

Our lives have been threatened, our health and our lives are in disarray, we have lost much of what most people take for granted.

We were forced to flee one community, and have left a second community, for the safety of our family.

This is a ‘David and Goliath’ case.

An extremely dedicated lawyer has been working on this file from the beginning.

In this case the victims are a family with limited means and ability to fight an appalling legal case versus RCMP defendants with teams of lawyers and unlimited taxpayer resources.

This case has cost our family a great deal.

It is important to address wrongs that have not been pursued criminally by the Justice system, considering we allege crimes have been committed against a minor and his family.

We are seeking assistance to deal with legal and moving expenses incurred to date, and ongoing expenses to move this issue forward.

We appreciate the support we have received through local organizations and persons involved in assisting victims of crime.

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