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Mobility for John
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13 years ago, on 28 November 2001, John West’s heart stopped . . . he was 28!

He was found dead by his friend who administered CPR while waiting for the emergency response. The Medics managed to revive John through defibrillation of his heart but it left him in a coma for 2 months. This was followed by a 5-month period of rehabilitation during which time he had to learn to walk again.

Since an internal condition (the stopping of his heart) blocked sufficient oxygen-rich blood from reaching the brain, John suffered a stagnant anoxic brain injury . This condition is also called hypoxicischemic injury (HII) and resulted (to varying degrees in John’s case) in:

  • Ataxia, or a lack of coordination. This often expresses itself as a sort of bobbing or weaving, similar to what is seen in people who are drunk. 
  • Spasticity, rigidity and myoclonus, disorders which can include a tendency toward jerky motions, trembling of the extremities, or other abnormal movements.
  • Quadriparesis, a weakness of the arms and legs.

John is now 40!

He lives with his mother and sister in the sleepy (almost) Karoo town of Worcester, Western Cape and is predominantly dependent on their availability and movement to get around as walking long distances if very challenging for him.

I see him in the Worchester Motion Fitness gym at least 3-times a week and I enjoy his sense of humour and intelligence and whenever I can, give him a ride home after our workout. The other two days he works at Golden West Casino Lodge where he sorts dirty linen for R68 per day. This, together with his disability grant of R1 300 per month, is barely sufficient to get by but despite his meagre means John has been saving-up around R250 per month in order to get a car. It is going slowly and he will most probably have to have the car modified and re-apply for his driver’s licence. Things that will take time (at the going rate it will take him around 33 years to save-up R100K for a car which will make him 73-years old). While this is taking a Sho't Left (i.e. going nowhere slowly) he is dependent on whoever can offer him a ride, or who is willing to take a bit of a detour.

Because of John’s willingness to help himself, love of life and courage to get out there and experience life I decided to launch this initiative on his behalf and with his consent. I always listen to him in the gym going around to people asking them; “Is there a lift today”? . . . And can only imagine how difficult it must be to always look to other people for your mobility.

Let us share our good fortune and get him an Electric Mobility Vehicle for Christmas (see the product options below).

Not only will it to a large degree solve his mobility challenges and better his chances of securing a more stable and lucrative job, it will go a hell of a long way to improve his independence, dignity and self-worth.

We urge you to help us with this quest to help people who care enough to help themselves.

All we need is around 500 people who have it their hearts to pledge around R100 each and we could have John on the move by Christmas (hence the deadline of 12 December) . . . and have some cash to spare for another worthy cause! (See the cost breakdown below.)

Payment options

I apologise for the fact that the money is collected in USD but this is, after all, Mzansi where we live! It is collected via PayPal and you don't need a PayPal account to make a donation. Any MasterCard or Visa Credit Card will work. It is a very secure platform!

To help you to decide how much to donate; The current rate of exchange (as on 7 Nov '14) is around R11,32 for $1 so, to donate R100 you need to donate approximately $9. For any other amount, devide the amount you want to give by 11.32, e.g. R500 ÷ 11.32 = $44. If you want to be precise you can check the ROE here!

If you would rather like to make a direct (EFT) deposit please use the following account detail. Make sure to e-mail me proof of the deposit as I need to keep track of the funds.

Account name: Nr10 Grietjies Drif

Bank: Standard Bank

Acc No: 301382352

Branch: Worcester

Branch No: (23)050407

e-mail for proof of payment:

Product options

Imperial Green Mobility have a wide range of Electric Mobility Vehicles but after consultation with them we came to the conclusion that either of the two vehicles below would be best suited for John. They have indicators and brake lights and can be driven on public roads. Both these vehicles are described as: Safe, Stable, Extremely Robust, Pneumatic tyres, Multi-Terrain and Multi Gradient, Long range, Easy to operate.

Just to mention! Imperial Green Mobility is giving us a 16% discount on any of the two models below!

Afikim BREEZE C4 Afikim BREEZE C3

Cost breakdown

This costing was done before the geneous discount given by Imperial Green Mobility but as I said, whatever is left over can be used to spread some cheer amoungs other deserving people or ANIMALS!?

  Revised funding of R29 496 required


This project is made possible with the kind assistance of:

Imperial Green Mobility

Imperial Green Mobility

No10 Grietjiesdrif

No10 Grietjiesdrif

Motion Fitness Worcester

Motion Fitness

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