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My names Tammie.. Yep I got the nitemare of cancer I don't  plan on letting cancer take my life.. I'm fighting so hard.. My first go around of chemo has a bad reaction on me it almost killed me .. I blistered inside and out, with 1-2-3 degree ...

My names Tammie.. Yep I got the nitemare of cancer... So far it looks like I'm beating it.. Had a close call at first and came close to almost dying from first chemo bad reaction.... I fought like crazy.. Was on life support at one time .. Double pneumonia mersa 95%of my body blistered and burnt pneumonia twice blistered inside my body could not talk for 2 weeks.. Had blood given 4 times.. I've recovered from all 100% no scars nothing some internal problems still..all the prayers all the advice support has pulled me thru this.. I'm alive happy grateful and my life has changed for the better.. Lil things mean the world to me!!   I love you all that have been there for me and even the ones who haven't.. Thank you so flipping much I will NEVER FORGET. I can't not survive without contributions becaus of social security taken so long 5 months.. I literally am helpless out here.. I have... Just 6 weeks in hoping to get off the no work list..then i have unemployment and home free..thank u God..

I don't  plan on letting cancer take my life.. I'm fighting so hard.. My first go around of chemo had a f  reaction on me it almost killed me .. I blistered inside and out, with 1-2-3 degree burns caused me severe inside damage.. To where my doctor pulled  the chemo and said lets  give it a break for 3 weeks.. I don't have family that is financial settled.. I'm the main bread maker.. I applied for social security 4 months ago .. Just to be denied yesterday .. I have no money .. I've sold everything including my friderartor just to pay my phone bill.. I've lost everything except my life.. And I'm not going to let it take my life.. I have one of the most aggressive cancers there are... I need to eat healthy to stay alive.. And healthy food  is more expensive then just junk food or food with preservatives..  Some creeps that are skagit countys most wanted that went around robbing people ... and attacking people in there cars .. my son in our car happen to be one of  them .. they mugged him while he was getting out of the car.. they kicked him over and over in the head.. they stole his wallet took the sterio out of the car .. took the watch off his wrist .. they almost took the shoes off his feet ..,so he would not follow them they slashed the tiires on our car.. And I only had liability. 2 hours later  a husband and wife with 2 kids they did the same thing in front of there kids ...  As bad as they kicked my son in the face over and over with boots on .. I couldn't imagine what those children seen .. They still are not caught but they do know who they are and one was a female in the background given all the orders there was 5 of them... This is why I desperately need help.. I can't afford the tires ..  I have no way to get to my appts or get around Friends get me there.. It's so hard ... I'm just so stuck ..I have worked my whole life and never seen this coming .. My money is exhausted .... Anything could help me anything food money tires  prayer ..thank you so much .. I resubmitted social security .. Most likely  ill get it but its going to go another 3-4 months before I get it... The game they play .. There game is  hurting me bad .. And I'm exhausted !!!! Thank you and anything would help 5 dollars right now is gold to me  that can help .. I'd always remember and appreciate it so much ...thank you so much  Tammie Lewis

tgeres other ways to donate .. To my Address then nothing taken out 

Tammie Lewis

PO Box 1282

Marysville, Wa 98270

or to my act 


act numb is 161133790

or mat-su credit union 

thanks to Tom ttomasi it's under Tammie Lewis and Tom tomasi he opened it up for donations 

or Paypal

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