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Support my painful battle with Endometriosis
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Ended Jul 27, 2014
I am very grateful and blessed that an anonymous angel donated the entire $60 needed to get my meds. I am just so thankful! Read more!


An amazing anonymous angel has donated the entire $60 needed for my medication, again, I am so incredibly thankful you have no idea.

In the event that this has happened, I will be leaving the donations open the full 7 days, and anything else raised, as promised, will go straight to Team Arizona, of the Worldwide EndoMarch, and our fund raising efforts to help traveling to Palo Alto California on 03-28-2015, where those of us who can go will march with our fellow endo sisters and supporters from all over, in hopes of spreading Endometriosis awareness. 

Again, THANK YOU! <3


For those who don't know my story, I am 26 years old, have been diagnosed with Endometriosis for almost 10 years now, it's been a really tough ride, but has recently gotten even worse, I have since been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion, and a Bartholins Hematoma caused by having several treatmental surgeries, internal bleeding, adhesions, scar tissue, and pressure compromising my pelvic cavity and muscles.

I recently lost my job due to being sick too much and my insurance along with it, and cannot afford the prescriptions I need for my pain, nausea, and anti-biotics precribed to me.

I have been without my meds for 3 weeks now and although I have been handling the less severe constant pains and nausea, pain and nausea increases incredibly as hormones rise, and I am beginning my much more intense pains, which includes pelvic pain, lower back pain, leg pain, and "the other" pains, and it's getting hard to handle.

I am on hold with state insurance seeing if I qualify, which is not likely, and it could take weeks to even find out, and the next few weeks are going to be extreme without my medications.

I am in a pain management program and am on a contract to where I can only take what is prescribed to me by my pain management doctor, other than OTC meds, which do not help this type of pain, and so I have to get what she prescribed me filled, but she did write me a one time refill without an appointment and I am so very thankful for that, but I don't have the money for it, or the other medications I need.

I only need about $60 for all of my prescriptions as I am getting them at Costco and they have amazing self-pay prices on generics.

If by chance I raise more than needed for any reason the rest of the money raised will go to Team Arizona, of the Worldwide EndoMarch, and our fund raising efforts to help traveling to Palo Alto California on 03-28-2015, where those of us who can go will march with our fellow endo sisters and supporters from all over, in hopes of spreading Endometriosis awareness.

I'm doing this because Endometriosis is why I am in so much pain and so sick and without the support of my girls over the years I don't know if I'd have made it this far.

Please if you cannot donate, atleast share my efforts, and help me to get relief.


What is Endometriosis?
Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is a disease in which tissue like the endometrium (the lining inside the uterus which builds up and sheds each month during menstruation) migrates outside the uterus to other areas of the body. These implants continue to break down and bleed; the result is internal bleeding, degeneration of blood and tissue shed from the growths, inflammation of the surrounding areas, and formation of adhesions and scar tissue. 
Endometriosis is a painful disease and contrary to popular belief - endometriosis has been documented in nearly every location of the body, a few of those locations being the ovaries, colon, bladder, intestines, liver, heart, brain, sciatic nerve, lungs and even the skin and eyes. Endometriosis can cause severe and irreversible complications (such as Pelvic Floor Dysfunction), organ failure, and can lead to serious medical consequences if inadequately treated.

It is estimated that at least 200 million women and young girls have endometriosis - 1 in 8 women, thats double the amount of women affected by breast cancer. Despite being one of the most common reasons for chronic pelvic, abdominal pain, and infertility,  endometriosis is a widely misunderstood disease that can strike women of any socioeconomic class, age or race.

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