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Save the Family – only thing we have Dear reader, please don’t mind me asking you a bit personal question – are you a parent? If yes, can you go back and remember the first time you looked into your child’s eyes, that little gift from heaven, ...

Save the Family – only thing we have Dear reader, please don’t mind me asking you a bit of a personal question – are you a parent? If yes, can you go back and remember the first time you found out, do you remember the sensation you felt when you realized you had to become more responsible than you ever been in your life, do you recall the pain, the excitement, the decisions you had to make as you prepared for “your” family. The security you had to provide for not only the arrival of your child, but your family. Can you recall how you felt the moment you looked into your child’s eyes, that little gift from heaven, determined to protect, nurture and enjoy your new family for as long as there’s life in you? I can recall the gratitude, the compassion, the humbleness, the fear of failure mixed with the vision of success. Crying out “I finally have a family I can call my own…” do you recall those words, those thoughts, those feelings…?

Well this is how I felt when I looked at my new family; this is how I felt looking at this beautiful woman who jus’ helped me experience this god gift. I too felt that amazing feeling – a new dream, a new life, a new beginning, to give all I have to my beautiful child, my new beautiful family. But then, my dream was crushed into pieces by the cruelty of reality. After 3 months and 5 days, I lost my son, to what was claimed to be SIDS.

Yet even after my dream was crushed and my heart broken, after some time, through meditation and prayer, I was led by that beautiful feeling to rebuild my family, I decided to let that dream in my heart once again. My second born was conceived and born shortly after. Again I am experiencing the same feeling, same beauty, and same dream, but this time it’s magnified by a million. Only life circumstances decided to get in the way once again. Only this time, it’s the mother, the same author of my 1st sons departure I’ve decided there is no chance I’m going to let anyone take what I love most away from me again.

Only I can’t make it by myself. I need your help. I need your help to save what is left of my family, the only thing I have, the only thing I love with all my heart and soul.

I am Dame Lee, I consider myself a professional father. It’s all I devote my life, energy and time to, and the only thing I cherish. My second born son is Lord TaMarr Dame Lee, a beautiful little five year old, genius. I was legitimated and awarded the primary physical custodial parent of my son in summer 2010 when he was 19 months, and due to false accusations and the mother not wanting to pay child support, I am forced to fight against the Fulton County Superior Court of Georgia. I have been forced into a terrible life draining custody battle for my dear son, due to false allegations by the mother and her attempts to avoid paying child support. After her $10,000+ arrearage became an issue for her, she made a desperate move to have custody changed.The judicial system made a great mistake in removing my son from his home and placing him into the unknown by giving her temporary custody.  Now they are too arrogant to fix this.

I have studied myself into exhaustion every single day to find information and resources that will help me protect my child’s rights and rights of me as a father. Since this ordeal has begun I have been severely alienated from my son for months at a time by his mother. Often she may disappear with our son for 4 to 5 months at a time. This occurred for nine months before I gained custody and about 9 months total since this custody battle has been going on. This has been very hard on my spirit, but I continue to fight.

I am stepping up to you, conquering my fears for a greater cause – to ask you for help, not just for myself, but for other fathers who have to go through this un-natural and painful experience; who can’t make it through themselves. Lacking information and fighting my pride led me to make a slow start toward asking for help, but – I walked this path as far as I could alone. To keep going, I need a helping hand from my universal village. Each step determines whether I’ll be with my beautiful genius, or have to spend more of his life away from him. That’s why I am asking you to help me, for our children's well-being and safety. JOIN ME AND THE PROFESSIONAL FATHER’S LEAGUE, NOT ONLY SAVE OUR CHILDREN, BUT OUR FAMILIES AND OUR WORLD!

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