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While we're all just carrying on with our lives, its important to remember those who can't tell us when something's wrong. Some of my dogs need vet care and I need a hand making sure they get it.

For as long as I can remember, we've had dogs in the house. 

I grew up with Apollo. A German Shepherd mix who was like a big brother to me. I'm told we got him around the time that I was born.

When I was 18, we had to put him down. He had renal failure. A condition that prevented his body from absorbing any nutrients from the food he ate.

A couple of years before, my gran brought Bubbles home as a birthday gift to my younger brother. She's a terrier breed, but we don't know much more than that. She's getting on in years now but is still in perfect health.

Shortly after Bubbles came home, gran brought home Mischief and Leo from the farm up in the mountains. These two jack russel/daschund mixes we part of a litter that my gran's sister's dog had. I believe their parents were killed by babboons in the time since they've been brought. Leo's still in perfect health, but Mischief has some problems (see below).

My older brother brought Mishka home as a pup. I believe she's a pure bred Daschund. We think she was rescued from a puppy mill because she was very sickly and very badly looked after when she came. My mom didn't believe she'd survive too long, but my brother gave her the care she needed and she's still doing okay (see below).

I know you shouldn't do it, but we got Peanut from a pet store. We didn't plan on it, but there he was as we walked past and my mom just had to have him. A bit rambunctious, he's still in perfect health.

Lastly, we come to our latest addition - Bella. She's also a Daschund (with a short snout) who came to us as a rescue. She was owned by a friend of my dad's who, in her old age, couldn't handle a new puppy and was set to put Bella down if she wasn't able to find a good home for her. We brought her home the same night.

Its a big job to care for 6 dogs, but we're 8 people in the house and we manage it pretty well, I think.Unfortunately, there are things in any dog's life - no matter how well he/she is looked after - that can't be handled at home and these things are what this fundraiser is all about.

Mischief's Story

Some time ago, one of my dogs - a brown, male, jack-russel/daschund cross named Mischief - contracted an infection in his eyes which has rendered him completely blind. At the time we thought he'd poked himself on a stick or something as we had a fair amount of rubble in the back yard from trees which had collapsed. He can still get around very well, all things considered, but now his left eye has physically deteriorated completely and the right is swelling up as well.

The wording the vet used when we took Mischief in to have it seen to was that we're "lucky that it healed as well as it did".
He also said that with the other eye swelling as it is, its pinching on a nerve that controls respiration so he's having trouble breathing and the vet also reports that he is in a fair amount of pain. Regulary courses of anti-inflammatory courses help symptomatically, but the vet recommends removing the eye all the same.

Other than not being able to see, he seems pretty happy.


Mishka is still a mystery. She sleeps in the bed with my parents, but one day a couple of weeks ago, she missed the jump up onto the bed and hurt herself. While she's seemed "off" now and again since then, she's had really good days where she's back to her old self again.

This morning she woke up and was unable to use her back-right leg. The vet checked her spine and didn't find anything obviously wrong. He said it could be a spinal injury so we've left her there for the day  for x-ray and stuff.

Conservative treatment if it is a spinal injury includes medication and crate rest for several weeks. This is the best possible outcome.

I love my dogs very much - 10 years on and I still see Apollo in my dreams sometimes - so I want the best care they can have. The unfortunate thing is that the costs involved are heavy.

If I can reach my goal on this fundraiser, that'll take care of all my current vet needs and provide a "safety cushion" for future needs as well.

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