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Jack's dream (Special needs boy )
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Ended Dec 10, 2013
Help Jack –special needs boy adopt his puppy Jersey
Jack is a 4 yr old little boy that is deaf and was diagnosed with Autism at 18months old. Jacks life is full of in home therapies, appointments with developmental instructors, speech therapists, OT ...
Help Jack –special needs boy adopt his puppy Jersey
Jack is a 4 yr old little boy that is deaf and was diagnosed with Autism at 18months old. Jacks life is full of in home therapies, appointments with developmental instructors, speech therapists, OT and PT. Jack started sign language at a young age as he cannot hear or speak. Jack’s family is very dedicated to his care and wants to provide Jack with anything possible to continue to watch Jack improve academically and progress in behavior and maturity as well.
I was contacted by Jack’s mother whom I went to high school with asking if there are programs available that assist families with special needs children in adopting a puppy. I have made contact with a few organizations and have received a little feed back with programs that train therapy dogs for children and a few other programs but nothing really to help a family with a special needs child adopt a rescue dog. This is what Jack’s amazing family wants to do. Adopt a young rescue dog puppy and train it to be the best companion for Jack.
Jack’s family is in deep debt because of medical bills and currently isn’t financially able to dish out $350 for an adoption fee for a puppy. They are able to provide for another dog in the home just not a lump sum adoption fee at this time. Jack’s family have an interest in a puppy for Jack her name is Jersey(see pic) Jersey will work with Jack as an companion dog. Jack’s mom has already contacted a trainer and has done wonders with their current family pup Macy. Macy is Jack’s best friend! Studies show the amazing positive impact a dog connecting with a child diagnosed with autism greatly improves the child’s ability to connect to the world. Dogs also are very calming during emotional outbreaks and give the child an amazing sense of security. Jersey will grow up with Jack as she is 15 weeks old and will provide the most important service of all: love, affection, acceptance, and companionship to him. Children with autism are said to often times feel disenfranchised and lonely. In fact, in many cases, having a four-legged furry 'best pal' will act as a social magnet, attracting other children, and therefore promoting positive relationships that might otherwise be difficult to achieve. Children with disabilities are 'different' and those 'differences' are sometimes seen by peers as 'negatives'… something to be afraid of or uncertain about. However, a child with a canine partner, while also seen as 'different' is seen as 'different' in a good and appealing way. So not only does the child have the comfort, security, and benefits of a loyal best friend in their dog, but they often acquire more human friends because of the dog .
Jack’s family’s current dog Macy is a lab that has in fact became Jack’s best friend. Macy is amazing with Jack but because training/bonding didn’t begin at a young age the bond and training is limited. Although Macy is an amazing best friend to Jack and responds to Jacks sign language the family believes the benefit and impact that a puppy would have would very therapeutic and would be a huge benefit to their son. Jack's mom already has contacted a trainer that specializes in hearing impair canine training to work Jersey.
I have made contact with a few organizations to see if funding /grants are available for assistance on adoption fee’s for cases like Jacks and have received little information. Programs are out there but they are designed to train dogs to be service dogs and most are dogs from breeders. Jacks family wants a rescue dog who they will work with to be trained to the be the best possible companion for Jack.
The puppy that Jack’s family is interested in adopting, Jersey is a rescue dog who is currently 15-16 weeks old, she is up to date on shots, micro chipped and will be spayed next week. (all including in fee) She has already began puppy socialization class, has been exposed to fireworks, noise and has been desensitized to many things. Walsh’s K9 an animal behaviorist has said that Jersey would be an incredible companion dog for this family and the training possibilities are endless with this dog.
Anyone that knows me, Sarah Raymond knows that I have the mindset that if there is a will there is way. My friend from High School is an incredible mother to her son and if we as a community could make Jake’s dream come true how priceless would this be?? I know I have some pretty amazing friends that stand up and support amazing causes. I believe Jack’s wish to have a puppy is one amazing cause! Will you bless Jack with Jersey?
Monies raised will be paid directly to the Anne Marie Wilk the private rescuer who has provided care/fostered, paid for all vetting for the entire litter of puppies “Storms Troopers” and hired Walsh’s K9 to socialize the pups. Check out the puppies face book page Storm’s Troopers to see their amazing rescue journey. Will you donate and make Jack’s dream come?
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