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Mark and his cats need our help!
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In Houston, Texas there is a courageous kind hearted man blessed with an extremely enviable disposition, his name is Mark Walker and he and his feline kids need our help!
In Houston, Texas there is a courageous kind hearted man blessed with an extremely enviable disposition, his name is Mark Walker and he needs your help. Mark has suffered some soul destroying events in recents years and as a consequence he is unable to work, pay for correct medical care or living expenses. Until 2006, Mark had worked hard and led a normal active life. At home he spent time with his three cats, Daisy, Precious and Sebastian. Mark always adored cats, he has been adopted by and rescued many feline friends during his 52 years on this earth. In 2007 his world began to crumble, as you read on each piece of his story will appear to be more incredible than the last, but be assured that this story is very real. Mark was diagnosed with Protein C deficiency, which manifested itself in his right leg. The subsequent treatment was unsuccessful which resulted in Marks leg being amputated below the knee. In 2009 Mark had issues with clotting in his left leg, the doctors recommended another amputation but on the day of the surgery Mark asked for a second opinion from a Vascular surgeon, who was able to do a vascular bypass, which so far has saved his left leg. April 2010 Mark fell sick again, he had not communicated with anyone for days, his friend and his landlady came to check on him, they discovered him lying on the bed so swollen that they could barely recognize him. He was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure) During this time his 3 beloved cats all died. Mark promised them he would help homeless animals in their honour. On many occasions Mark had wondered if he would be better departing this world but his love of his cats stopped him. They are the reason he gets up every morning. Mark started volunteering at The Friends for Life Animal Shelter and Sanctuary. Whilst helping out there he decided to foster a cat as Cinnamon was pining for Precious. This is where he met Toby, he had been in the shelter over a year and was difficult to adopt as he was terrified of noises, he had belonged to an old lady who had rescued him from some boys who were abusing him and broke his leg. Toby let Mark take him out of his cage and stroke him, the staff were amazed as he usually hissed and bit any one trying to touch him. A bond was formed, two broken souls together. Toby went home with Mark that day and is with him now. Mark thought life was starting to settle down when he had problems with his right hand and arm, he sought medical attention and it was discovered that the Ulner Nerve was non-responsive to any tests. The doctors have said there is nothing they can do. Not willing to give up, Mark has done research and found a clinic that specializes in this type of injury, he would like to visit them to see if they could do something to restore useful function. Mark has also done some research on Kidney transplants, in the hope he could extend his life, he has beaten the three year average and is focusing on five years. Mark currently receives dialysis for 3 hours, 3 times. Despite having worked and paid taxes for 32 years, Mark is not receiving the medical treatment he needs. He has no savings left because they have been used for medical and living expenses. He has survived in the past by selling household goods he accumulated whilst he was working. This month Mark received a letter saying that Medicaid will no longer pay part of his benefits, his income will drop by $105 a month. His food benefits have also dropped to $16 a month and to cap it all he has a new landlord and they are increasing the rent by 35%. There is no way Mark will be able to afford the increase. Mark will have to move but finding somewhere that is pet friendly at a reasonable rent, plus covering the moving costs seems impossible. He has lived in his current place 13 years. We would like to raise money for Mark to have some long overdue veterinary care for the cats, to pay his moving expenses, bond for new premises and as much as we can for ongoing living and medical expenses. Any amount you can give would be a blessing no matter how small. Please help this courageous man who cares for animals more than himself. Mark recently reported that he has been unable to help at the shelter as fuel prices have become prohibitive. When we were asking him about his situation he does not wallow in self pity but instead in his words he says: “ I don't say this to be complaining or for you to feel sorry for me, far from that. I'm happy to wake up everyday and have the love of the cats. I have come close to dying on several occasions so when I open my eyes from sleep it is an occasion to be happy. My biggest fear is I will die in my sleep and the cats will be here for days with no one to feed them, give them water or a scratch on the head...
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