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Yesterday afternoon an email went out to dozens of rescuers in South Florida describing a tiny puppy who was to be killed at 6pm if no one stepped up for her. Many volunteers from many different organizations forwarded this email around to everyone on ...
Yesterday afternoon an email went out to dozens of rescuers in South Florida describing a tiny puppy who was to be killed at 6pm if no one stepped up for her. Many volunteers from many different organizations forwarded this email around to everyone on their contact lists. Phone calls were made, pleading text messages were sent, and eventually this little puppy's email made it to a wonderful person who was willing and able to go down to immediately adopt her to save her life.
The case is particularly astonishing, even for MDAS. Pets that are in horrible condition, are infectious, or are otherwise suffering are frequently only given a few hours to live, per the vets' medical notes. This tiny puppy, however, had medical notes stipulating her euthanasia due to "ADR"
We, like so many other groups in South Florida, assumed ADR meant that the puppy was critically ill, or has some horrible condition which made her so urgent...

IN FACT, "ADR" MEANS, "AIN'T DOIN' RIGHT". As per the petMD definition...

In just a few hours we will be hearing from "Carlita", now renamed "Sophie"'s new mom, who will explain to us the terrible experience she had at MDAS yesterday, trying to save this little pup.

PLEASE help us raise the funds to help her get a full medical work up, to get to the bottom of this situation and get Sophie back healthy. She is going to a specialist vet tomorrow for a full exam, blood work, possibly xrays, etc...

AND PLEASE... share this story, NEVER give up when your heart is telling you to get involved, and join us in thanking Sophie's new foster mom for SAVING HER LIFE.


The story of Sophie........

So...... I had seen an email sent out from Miami Dade Animal Shelter to all rescues about a little tiny 3 mo old pup who was going to be killed if nobody came to rescue her within hours. The picture of her little face just simply melted my heart. So, I brought myself to the shelter to meet her and adopt her..
Upon arrival, I approached the front desk and showed the picture of the email that I had received and IMMEDIATELY, a grim look crossed the girl's face. She then started to explain that that same precious little creature had been adopted and returned 3 times due to her being sick and that I had come just in time to rescue her because they had planned to kill her in a few hours..... She then went on to tell me that this little pup had liver damage, neurological issues and just was plain sick. Almost trying to talk me out of adopting her. I then asked if there was a medical history record I could take a look at and the answer was "NO".
(Now, I have worked in rescue and also have friends in rescue and I sort of learned the ropes.... I knew to ask questions that most people wouldnt know to ask. Such as asking to see bloodwork or vet records)
I went onto ask if I could just see her for myself.. They sent me back to another area where I was told to ask another gentleman to find the pup so that I could see her. When I met him, he also suddenly had a grim look on his face as well and asked me to wait while he went to find her.
I waited for quite a while.(Guessing about 15-20 min) It seemed as if nobody knew where she was. Finally, he came back with yet an even more grim look on his face and asked me to come with him. (Away from the rest of the public viewing the animals)
He then told me that the pup was really sick and was quarentined, so I was unable to see her. I kept asking why and he finally brought me over to an office where a vet came out to explain the situation with this pup.
As it turns out, the pup was not ill in any way as far as they could tell. I asked if there was bloodwork done and the answer was "NO". I asked if they had proof of the liver damage I was told she had and the answer again was "NO". I asked if there was reason to believe there was neurological damage and the answer yet again......"NO".
I then asked why I was told these things about the poor pup who had about an hour left to live at this time and the answer I received floored me!!!! The vet said "Well....... She just doesnt act right.. She doesnt do anything except sit there".
Now at this point I was furious because not only was I given the wrong information, but this puppys life was about to be taken in such a short amount of time. And due to the information first given to me, I should have just chosen another animal or simply left the building which would have resulted in death for the puppy.
Now... I still wasnt allowed to even meet the puppy until I went through the adoption process. Makes ZERO sense to me at all.
When finished with the adoption papers, payment, etc. I waited for someone to bring the puppy out to me as they had done for everyone else there that adopted a pet. Instead, I was asked to come to the back again because they wanted to talk to me again to make sure I understood the issues I was facing with her. About 30 min of sitting and waiting and staff looking at me strangely and seemed to be whispering, a girl brought me a shaking 3 lb puppy that looked scared to death. She was shaking terribly, so I held her tight and talked to her in a soothing manor.
The girl then informed me that the reason she was scared and the reason the process took so long (3 hrs) was because she was already in the euthanasia room waiting to be killed. I'm guessing thats why everyone was acting so strangely and couldn't find her.
When I finally got her to the car, she was licking me and loving, but finally relaxed. You could just feel her broken heart when she looked at me, which made me cry. She was a little timid and possibly sick with a little cold, which is to be expected with her being in the shelter and also being so young.
Glad shes with us today and able to find a home that can finally give her the love that nobody has given her in the short 3 mo shes been alive.
So make sure when adopting a pet that you ask alot of questions and make sure youre making a decision also based off of your own opinion. You too can save a life of an angel.
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