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Erosion, increased drought, more intense and frequent tropical cyclones – these destructive events are forcing people to change to a more resilient natural farming system tht looks at soil biology as the indicator of farm mangement success. Biological farming practices are changing the lives of farmers across the pacific.

Farmers are increasingly reliant on expensive chemical fertilisers and pest control inputs, which not only damage the environment and future farming potential of the land, but also take money away from family necessities and children's education. We particularly encourage the involvement of younger students and women so the next generation continues on the path to sustainable production.

Currently up to 90% of food on the island is imported, farmers urgently need a solution to reverse this trend and bring the once fertile soils back from the brink to a sustainable level.

Everything we do at Organic Matters Foundation is underpinned by the belief that investing in people, strengthening communities and protecting the environment goes hand-in-hand. By giving the people in greatest need, access to information we take for granted, we empower them to make more informed choices and in doing so help themselves, their community and the environment.

we have been pursuing funding for the people of Niue for two years without success. The Soil School can help reverse their situation but we need your help!

The Island people of Niue hope to have the opportunity to participate in Soil School and an investment in the future of food security by donation from people like you can make a huge difference.

We need to raise AU$ 40,000 to be able to teach 40 farmers from Niue that will then teach their neighbours and friends and communities.

The Soil School runs for 10 days – that’s only AU$ 100 per farmer per day. And if we raise AU$ 60,000 we can take the soil school to Mauke & Mitirao islands as well and teach another 40 farmers. By doing them together we can considerable reduce the costs of the second program to only half of the cost!

Please let’s show these families that they are not alone and that we care about them! Any amount will help

The people of the Pacific Islands largely depend on subsistence farming as means of addressing issues of food and nutritional security as well as income generation.

During the last decades the farming practices have seen a shift from traditional land use practices to mechanized and chemical practices. As a result most of the arable lands are facing declining fertility and land degradation and farmers continue to look to agrochemicals and synthetic fertilizers as a means of addressing issues arising from the change in agricultural practices which then leads to further soil degradation through the destruction of beneficial soil organisms and a reduction in organic soil matter, which then further affects the fertility of the soil - it's a deadly vicious cycle. 

To make things worse climate change is changing the way in which pests & diseases habitate and thrive. The combination of infertile soil, pests & diseases are forcing growers to clear more primary forest areas to find fertile soil. Because the same unsustainable practices are used the cleared land also becomes infertile in a few years and they need to clear even more forest!

But there is hope!!!

The Niue Island Organic Farmers Association is an NGO formed by a group of farmers that are starting to see sustainable farming practices, soil regeneration, food security, conservation, and environmental awareness as a solution for their current situation. This group is very passionate but they feel they are lacking technical expertise so they asked Organic Matters Foundation for help through the Soil School program. Here is their letter:

Niue Letter

What is the Soil School Program???

The Soil School is a training farm model that Organic Matters Foundation have created to work alongside communities and farming groups throughout the Pacific Islands to assist with farming models through targeted hands on and practical learning that are sustainable and have positive outcomes for all.

The Soil School program directly assists with management of land degradation via improved land usage, reduction of pesticides and chemicals in food production and better management of land and resources. This is done through the introduction of sustainable farming practices, management tools and problem solving methodology frameworks. The expected outputs following soil school are an increase in quality of food products, sustainable land use for future generations and the security of food as a continued income source.

Since 2010 OMF has been teaching the Soil School in Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands and Tonga and has so far taught more than 800 students that now are multiplying their knowledge by teaching others. These communities are now producing their crops without any chemical input and are self-sustainable again.

Learn more about past projects here:

Are you inspired? Please help us making this a reality for the people of  Niue by donating any amount.

From AU$5 upwards your donation is tax deductible!

Are you more than inspired and want to come with us to Niue and be part of this amazing project? You can!!! Donate AU$ 2,000 or more and come learn and help teach with us!

(accommodation and food included, airfares NOT included)


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