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Pigeon injured by fishing line!
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"Beautiful" is a wild pigeon who has visited my house every day for close to a year. She learned to stand in the window above my front door to look inside and let me know she is ready to eat.

Last week, I became very concerned when she showed up ...
"Beautiful" is a wild pigeon that has visited my house every day for close to a year. She learned to stand in the window above my front door to look in and let me know she was ready to eat.

Last week, I became very concerned when she showed up with a fishing line tied around BOTH of her feet. She could still fly, but kept pulling her leg, in an obvious attempt to get the string off.... but that only tightened the string around her litlte toes.

I attempted to get close enough to cut the string, so as to at least reduce the odds of her getting caught on something (like a tree limb). I failed at those efforts; she would fly away when I was within a foot of her.

Thursday morning (04-04-13), I walked outside with scissors in-hand, and hoping she would be there for breakfast so I could attempt again at cutting the string. Unfortunately, though, I instead found her hanging upside on my bird feeder, struggling to get herself loose!!!! I was horrified, and attempted to cut the string from her tiny feet, to no avail. She was bleeding, with a bone sticking ouf of one toe.

I rushed her to a vet's office known for being wildlife friendly. While they would have accepted her as a "surrender" free of charge, I couldn't do that bc I was afraid they would euthanize her.... And their policy is not to tell people what happens to the wildlife being surrendered.

I love this bird dearly, and decided I HAD to give her a shot at making it through this. They suggested that her middle toe be amputated in order to stop the bleeding and greatly reduce the liklihood of infection setting in. I agreed, and signed off on the estimate.

The surgery went well, and I picked her up late that afternoon.

The vet tech explained the importance of proper after-care..... which,unfortunately, meant preventing her from flying for two weeks bc she could aggreavate her injured "stub" in the landing process.

I have her in a dog crate in our spare bedroom, and giving her Clavamox (antibiotic) every 12 hours. I am careful not to leave her for long bc I need to keep changing out the paper towels on the bottom of her kennel, to reduce the chance of infection.

At the time of this post, we are on day-6.... with 8 more to go before she is due for a follow-up visit at the vet. She will have a 2nd x-ray, and we hope her stitches can be removed. If all looks good, I plan to release her back outside with her many pigeon buddies.

Worse-case-scenerio, she will have to have her 2nd toe removed, which was also injured by the string... but not broken. If that happens, this inury will turn into a tragedy as far as I'm concerned because she will be unable to perch, and therefore unable to be released back in the wild. I will be forced to find her an indoor home, and she will never fly freely again.

At this point, I don't know what the 2nd vet visit will cost, but I have included an estimate on the low-end of what I expect it to be. If donations exceed the total cost, I will donate any extra money to the vet's wildlife fund... Which will help other animals surrdendered to them for care.

If she has to have a 2nd toe amputated, the follow-up visit could easily top $450... Bringing the total to around $920.

But for now, I am hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.

If anyone would like to see the first vet bill, I am happy to comply; simply let me know where you would like it faxed or emailed. With all the scams happening in this world, I can appreciate your caution.

I have had a couple of people ask about making a donation directly to the vet. Problem is, I have already paid the first bill (of $470).... And I don't know that the vet is willing to accept phone donations for me because this is my first dealing with their office. Setting up this fundraising page seems to be the simplest way to accomplish covering Beautiful's bills, without annoying the vet's office.

Thanks to everyone who has already offered to help this precious life!
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