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Haiti- March 2014
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March 2014 trip is being planned and we are raising funds. Thank you for considering supporting us!

We will be building homes, helping churches, feeding villages, supplying medical needs, praying for those who want, and giving much of ourselves.

Here we go again! march 2014 John and i will be returning to Haiti for the 4rd time, and taking more people with us!

We will be building homes, helping churches, feeding villages, supplying medical needs, praying for those who want, and giving much of ourselves in ways we don't even know yet.

Our plane tickets are roughly $1000 and the cost of the trip is $650. That means, we need help! We can't get there alone. We would LOVE the support abnd help.
One of the cool things about donating to us directly is that you aren’t just supporting some organization that will use your money in some way you will never know; you are physically sending us to Haiti to meet these people, build their houses, feed their children, give medical aid to the sick, and work alongside them as we try to help them overcome what earthquakes, disease, and generations of poverty has caused.

We are returning to Haiti for the 4rd time this year in March. We are taking with us more people, which means more supplies and food will make its way into the orphanage, it means more money pouring into the Haitian community, it means more rice and beans to feed the farmers that are having a drought. It means we get to see amazing things happen!

It’s expensive to go, but it’s also the best way to get resources and money to the people. If you were to send a donation to an organization, much of it won’t get to the people. If you donate to me, it gets me there, and it get the resources I take there, and it ends up helping out in unexpected ways:

A Few Stories:
*We were at a site, helping build pews for a church, one of the young boys was sitting with his mother and a woman on the site noticed this child. His knee was swollen multiple times its normal size, red and hard. Someone asked the mom and translated back to us that she didn’t have the $10 to go to the doctor and get antibiotics, so her son would most likely die from the infection. John (my husband) immediately piped up and said we had $10 if it was alright to pay. He gave the money to the Pastor of the church, who gave it to the woman. She immediately got up and carried her son to go make arrangement to get him to the doctor. She was crying and thankful. That $10 was cash someone had given us.

*We have experienced it multiple times while we were in Haiti, when during the week, children are dropped off to Dr. Bernard’s care (the man we stay with in Haiti). He is given their papers and told the family can no longer care for the children; the child is then cared for by Dr. Bernard and the women that run the orphanage and school. To see a mother give her child to someone else is heartbreaking; but it is all they can do to ensure that their children will survive.

*One morning we went on a pray walk through a village, 5 of us including a translator and the pastor of the local church. We went up to a hut, and the pastor asked if we could talk to her, then he looked at me, as did the rest of the group, guess it was my time to pray I asked her questions about her life, about her faith, and about what she wanted. She told us that she had been praying that If God wanted her to go back to church, to send someone, so when we showed up, she knew it was God! Her prayers, and our obedience, made the world of difference and she recommitted her life to Christ. We hugged and went on to the next house, blissfully rejuvenated.

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