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Cruz (37), Noemi (30), Cesar (9), Jacqueline (6) and Yadira (3) were traveling by bus on June 8-9, 2012 to Zacatecas, Mexico (27 hours from Greeley) to visit family. On the ride Noemi noticed the bus driver smoking and texting, she asked him to stop ...
Cruz (37), Noemi (30), Cesar (9), Jacqueline (6) and Yadira (3) were traveling by bus on June 8-9, 2012 to Zacatecas, Mexico (27 hours from Greeley) to visit family. On the ride Noemi noticed the bus driver smoking and texting, she asked him to stop smoking as she is pregnant and Cesar has asthma. She also begged him to stop texting and pay attention to the road as he has several lives in his hands (and supposedly it’s illegal in Mexico as well). At 4:00am on June 9th, they were 47 kilometers from their destination in Zacatecas when Noemi looked to the driver, who was texting and she realized they were about to hit a Semi truck-trailer in front of them. She screamed at him “Watch Out!!” and saved his life as he swerved causing the bus to impact on the front passenger side. She immediately covered her daughters to shield them from the impact, and grabbed her son by the collar of his shirt to keep him from flying through the windshield, yet a large piece of glass still landed on his back and his leg was injured. However Cruz who was sitting in the window seat across of them didn’t wake up in time to react. The family was sitting in the front 4 seats of the bus so they sustained greatest injuries of the other passengers. At that moment, the bus driver broke the glass of the driver’s side window, and ran from the accident. Noemi immediately began to pull the children out of the bus, she screamed for help, but no one would assist her. She went back to try to get her husband, Cruz, out but he was crushed under all of the metal and wiring, so no matter what she did, she couldn’t pull him out. Begging for help, and telling the other passengers she was pregnant they still refused to help her saying “he’s dead just leave him there”. She refused to give up hope and leave him. He yelled, “Don’t leave me Noemi, Don’t leave me”. The fire crews and paramedics who arrived on the scene, first asked who would be paying for their services, Noemi told them that she would pay, just to save her husband, and only then did they begin to extricate him from the bus where he was pinned. It took 4 firemen, and several chainsaws to release him from tangled mess where he was caught. Then, when they arrived at the hospital, they were again asked who would be paying and refused to give my brother-in-law the surgery or the blood he needed to save his life until a down-payment was made of $1,800. Also, while in the hospital, there was no compassion, empathy, or true care of any kind. The "doctor" would come in the room and ask how the patients were doing, and respond for them: "How are you doing? You're fine; yeah you're doing fine... Oh, that pain that you feel is just from the impact, you are fine, you don't need to be in the hospital any longer." Our experience in the Mexican hospitals has been horrible, and don’t know how people can live with the care they receive there. Jaqueline only sprained her elbow; Yadira had cuts in her ear from the shattered glass and has 2 wounds in her side where glass and/or metal punctured her back. Cesar has a back injury from the impact of the large piece of glass and is wearing a back brace, along with this he also has a broken ankle. Noemi has a bruised nose, a large gash in her arm, and several bruises and cuts on her face and body. Since she is pregnant, and was forced to pull her children from the bus on her own, the placenta moved she is now on bed rest because of a very high risk of pre-term labor or loss of child. Cruz was severely injured; the bone in his right thigh is broken, the femoral artery in his right leg was punctured from being pinned in the bus so he lost a significant amount of blood which required several blood transfusions. He also lost several teeth and had surgery on his face and mouth. Thankfully the family is slowly recovering from their injuries. However in Mexico medical treatment is not provided if you do not have the cash to pay for the procedures up front. Since the family needed emergency treatment, they paid upwards of $10,000 to receive lifesaving treatment they needed; this is slowly being recovered, but there were many additional costs associated with being forced to stay in Mexico for more than a month (June 9th – July 16th). As of July 16, 2012 all members of the family have returned to the U.S. They are all recovering, but neither Cruz nor Noemi will be able to return to work anytime soon which leaves the family in a very difficult place. Aside from the medical bills which will continue to add up because of necessary therapy, the family will need help with daily expenses such as rent, food and utilities amongst others. As of July 18th, we know that the treatments completed, and medications given in Mexico were completely wrong. Cruz’s injuries were not healed, and there are actually complications based on those treatments. At this point, Cruz has several months of surgeries, treatments and medication to continue here in the US.
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