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Angel needs your help for cancer surgery . . .
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This is my precious little Westie, 'Angel'! Three weeks ago I found a lump on Angel's leg. His doctor says he must have surgery to remove the tumor after she did an aspiration and found malignant cells in the tumor, but it has not attached to ...

This is my little weirdo, 'Angel'! Three weeks ago I found a lump on Angel's leg that seemingly came out overnight. His doctor did an aspiration of the tumor and found cancer cells and she says he must have surgery to remove the tumor, but it has not attached to anything else yet and it has to be removed before it spreads. His surgery is scheduled for November 10th since she's recommended we don't wait, and I'm scared beyond belief! I have a back disability and I'm on a fixed income and I don't have the funds for his surgery, so I'm reaching out for your help!

My heart is sick for him. I breathe because he breathes. Who knew my soul-mate could be furry? Angel is the soul-love of my life and he literally saved my life when he came to me. I was in a terrible marriage, disabled for twenty years, lost, and alone and I was looking for ways to end my life. He gave my life a purpose and he gave me a reason to live, and the love, snuggles and incredible happiness he brings to me everyday is something I can never repay him for, but I need to try. He needs me now more than ever, and I'm asking for your help to make that happen!

This is Angel's story, and it's been quite the journey for us . . . When we found each other, he was a year and a half old and he was one sick little boy. Born with a congenital jaw disease and plagued with fungal infections among many other things, he survived. He was on steroids since his birth because of the disease, but those medicines caused extensive damage to his stomach and we've dealt with chronic stomach bloat, but thanks to homeopathic treatments, I know how to help him over those humps. Lots of research, a vet approved home-cooked diet, including homemade biscuits, and patience on both our parts have given him a happy and healthy life, until now.

I've been blessed to have him by my side and inseparable for 7 years now, and every second of my time spent with him is a gift. He's brought so much love, peace, happiness and purpose into my life and now I must find a way to repay him for all he's given me, and I can't let him down. I wouldn't consider having one of my children put to sleep because of a tumor and I can't let that happen with Angel. He IS one of my children even if he is furry and his feet smell like popcorn!

He likes to exercise by doing push-ups, though I think he's really scratching his belly, and he enjoys taking care of all five of us women he lives with, (all family) and even walks his disabled Granny back and forth to the bathroom and keeps a close eye on her when she's napping. He's a joy to all of us and to say he rules this henhouse, is an understatement. He loves giving KissieMonster and he particularly loves it when he's getting blow-dried after his tubby while I sing to him. In fact, the only way to get him to roll over so I can blow-dry his tummy is to sing 'Amazing Grace' to him! Did I tell you? He's one quirky little weirdo and I couldn't love him more if I gave birth to him myself! He even gives a hairy eyeball when he's displeased about something, and he makes this, "You talkin' to me?" face when he doesn't want to listen.

I share this with you to say, Angel's not been himself lately. He doesn't enjoy blow-dry time nearly as much, he's eased up on his exercising and his kisses are not as frequent though he looks forward to snuggle time at bedtime, scooting himself next to me so he's nice and close as we fall to sleep at night, but I hear him whimpering as we drift off to a place where there are no tumors and cancer, and then wake in the morning to face another day all over again. I'm not too proud to plead for my kids, and Angel is no different, as you can see! I'm even trying to sell things that may have some value, but that hasn't been going very well. Anyone want to purcahse a KitchenAid stand mixer that was given as a gift and used maybe three times? Lol! It's on Craig's List and E-bay for local pick-up. Anyone? Now you see why I'm reaching out to compassionate 'angels' like YOU for your help!

I'm asking for my Angel. So he can have many more days of KissieMonster and tubby's, and exercise, cancer-FREE! Please won't you help my 'little weirdo' today by making a donation, spreading his message of need, and saying a prayer for his healing! Every dollar will help and a huge THANK YOU for whatever you can donate today!

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