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We are the official BATTI HI DEVELOPMENT FUND. When a tree fell on the 100 year old village elder's mud house, we became aware of the need to rebuild the village and develop it. Homes fit for children to grow up in. Help make this dream a reality! More ...

The elderly man in the photo lost all he owned when a tree fell on his mud block and palm thatched house in Batti Hi village upriver in the Gambian bush. He was not in the house at the time, so is lucky to be alive.  We gave money to rebuild a mud block hut, as a temporary arrangement.  However, we want to build him a more long lasting little concrete block house.  He is the village elder and 100 years old.

This big tree completely demolished the house.

The entire village needs rebuilt and brought into this century.  There is no electricity there so we would like to see Solar power installed.  There is no indoor plumbing.  That too is an issue.  The village toilet is a hole in the ground, a pipe to squat over, screened by a bamboo fence.  No flushing.  No hand washing facilities.  There is a well, but no safe water supply and no reserve tank for times when well water becomes depleted. 

The villagers are lovely people, very welcoming though very poor.  Omar and I last took clothes and food there in May 2015 and sadly, conditions remain the same.  We are not "pushy" people.  We don't like advertisers who use emotive photos deliberately to get money from people.  We want to tell the truth, not to manipulate people.  But we DO need YOUR help! 

All the homes there are like these.

We are a self-funded charity seeking donators so that we can do more.  We have paid all out of our own pocket, helping the children there regularly with clothing.  They are lovable youngsters who enjoy playing with balloons and simple treats which we take.  A better home to grow up in would make a big difference.  Who'd want to rear a family in homes like these in 2015? 

Inside an average home.

What we do there already is just not enough and it breaks our hearts each time we drive away to our cosy homes.  We think about them and pray for them often.  The people there live a very hand-to-mouth existence.  It is impossible to get their story over to you.  It has to be seen to be fully understood.  "But they're used to it," one woman said.  "Yes, but would you want to live in a house like that, bring children up there or have to live a life like this in today's world?"  Would YOU? 

When we are there for a few days the harsh reality sets in.  The mosquitos, malaria, children with worm infestation, malnourishment, children with little hope of ever getting an education and a means out of abject poverty.  Help us help them - PLEASE! 

We supply two 50kg sacks of rice every two months to help feed people there, provide vitamin supplements and calcium for elderly and developing children. 

We want to raise enough money to fence off a plot of land to establish a COMMUNITY GARDEN, where the goats, cows, donkeys and other anomals can't eat away everythng that grows.  The area looks like semi-desert as they graze every blade of grass that pushes its way through dry soil.  We want to do it all organically using composters not chemicals.  Can you help?  This would feed the village and perhaps leave some to sell.  Women's Garden Projects work well in Gambia.

Batti village is very parched land.

We are thankful to charity knitters & crocheters from Loving Hands UK.  They provide knitted toys and crocheted blankets for S.A.A.M.A, a charity we support in Wullingkamma, Gambia.  They also provide these and knitted clothing for the children in Batti village, which we ship there at our own expense.  We get NO GRANTS.  We have NO SPONSORS.  We beg you for help!  PLEASE SHARE OUR APPEAL ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! 


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