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Children need a Education that fits their needs and a safe home focusing on Reunification.
All Children CAN LEARN if given an opportunity. All they ask for is simply to be loved. DONATE TODAY.

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Statistics show that there were 3.4 Million reports of child maltreatment in the Untited States involving more then six million children! Evert 46 seconds a child is confirmed as maltreated. Every five-and-a half hour a child is Killed by abuse or neglect. The national rate of child fatalities rose from 1999-2009, from 1.62 per 100,000 children to 2.10 per 100,000 Children. (Children's Rights) During 2011 2,241 children under the age of 18 lost their Lives pg 1. 2011-2012 53,035 children were abused or neglected in FLorida alone pg 4. (FLorida Death Review Committee)

Amazingly these facts do not even include statistics regarding our foster care, poverty, starvation, homelessness, drug abuse, murder cases, etc. Yet they also exist. Right here in your own backyards.

Article after article such as "Child Death Review of Florida"  an unchangeable situation for the child or "When Foster Care Becomes Fatal" all found within the Huff Post Miami 7/9/2013.

Is it not time we pull together HELPING to end these many horrendous facts that have only escalated throughout the years.

Our children rely on each and everyone of us to make a difference. Our children rely on us to protect them from any harm. Our Children should be given an opportunity to voice their opinion without fear. Our Children should have a voice.

It is at this time SCCI is asking desperately for your donations so that we may begin the construction of the first model SCCI. SCCI has located a parcel of land in DeSoto County Arcadia FLorida. A rural area hit with poverty. Just as so many others have. It is here that we would begin to make a difference and change the pattern. 

SCCI believes in reunification, making sure that every family may continue to be a part of their child life. Provide each child a Therapeutic Stem Educational Program, Early Intervention thru 12th grade. Provide 5 Homelike settings Residential Housing units with private rooms, allowing for a safe and secure enviroment. Provide a medical team of Loving and compassionate staff  taken the fear and filling it with Love and understanding as to what hasjust has happened to  them. Comforting the child that may have just left behind his Mr. Teddy and or Blankie.  Provide a campus resembling a home structure not a institutional facilty and or hospital. Providing immediate medical attention all while reducing the amount of trauma to a child.

SCCI has focused on creating a wing within one of the 5 dorm specifically for  sibling groups so that they can remain together helping with the transition, 4 Private Pregnant young woman rooms given them an opportunity to continue to mother their child, Several Special Need Private Rooms without restriction of use of entire dorm allowing them to feel the love and that they are not different. The remainder of the private rooms will be occupied by other children ages 9-21 yrs of age. Each Dorm will have a non-shift care of staff, Security, Directors etc. 

Housing # 1 9-12 Yrs, Sibling Groups Birth-21 yrs, Special Needs/Pregnant Teens (N)

Housing # 2 13-17 Year Old Girls (E)

Housing # 3 13-7 Year Old Boys (W)

Housing # 4 18-21 Year Old Girls (E)

Housing # 5 18-21 Year Old Boys (W)

By removing each impediment thru our couseling programs, daily activities, visitation schedules, including yet not limited to Early Intervention programs.  We will begin to break down the walls of many of these children and families.By earning their trust and getting to the core of the problem. With this behind us our goal of reunification can be recognized. . 

As it has come to pass and to be found that many Parent do not want to harm their child they want and need help. Just as an addict does not believe they will ever become hooked. As we can all agree Addiction is a serious disease and plays many parts of abuse/neglected resulting in death and or homelessness.

 Yet unless we provide developed programs to each child,young adult and parent the problem becomes a tornado, and that is taking down everything in its path, leaving nothing behind but pain and sorrow... SCCI will provide a safe heaven, housing with stability, love, compassion, education with daily therepy services, such as Occupational, Physical, Substance Abuse, Speech, Physiological, including yet not limited to the most needed programs which are basic life skills daily. SCCI will be a year round Educational program with a 24/7 Housing provider. Things will never change unless we make them.

As we continue to blame diseases and addictions and jail many parents and or guardians once found neglectful, tomorrow the problem continues to exist. So what do we do?

We for once and for all provide programs to help these many families by helping them to conquer there addictions and to teach each child prior to following their footsteps. 

As we have the legal responsibilty to remove a child (Victim) we also have the liablitiy to protect that same child (Victim). As for finger pointing, blame, media. foster care, adoption, does not always solve the problem that plaques our society, and sometimes does not always tell the true story.

These families(you) and children are our future, they are our Children... And they rely on us! We need to separate the protection services from business so we may protect our valuable children and their families. Together we can do this, as for fixing the problem is not so big when you found the solution. Changes can only happen if we let them. And our support them. 

"Where Brighter Futures Begin & Despair Turns Into Hope"

501(c)3 non-profit

Southerncrosscampus.org- Website


941-875-9558 Office

We are 100 % tax deductible. Will provide a receipt to all those donate. 

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