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A Man's Journey: Unzipping The Male Heart
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Have the Men in Your Life been QUIETLY STARVED of LOVE? What if that were true? Would you do whatever you could to help them? Isn't it time we truly understood what it's like to be a man, so we can support the men we love? Here's how...

The Video:

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The Men in our Lives are Starving for Love.  
  Could this be true?  …and what do you NEED to KNOW, NOW?!

THE MISSION: Supporting the Men in our lives and Ending Sexual Shame.
  This is the Next Step in our Cultural Evolution.

THE PLAY: A Man’s Journey – Unzipping the Male Heart A new play that goes under the covers of male sexuality will premiere at The Dairy Center on August 8th and run for two weekends.  A Man’s Journey: Unzipping the Male Heart, based on the actual experiences of men, aims to increase understanding between the sexes by revealing the often hilarious and sometimes tragic struggles between men, their genitalia and their objects of desire.

Co-producers Colby Collins and Brook “Queen Be” Yates of the Cock Project were facilitating men’s workshops where surprisingly men openly and vulnerably shared their intimate stories when they realized the need for what they call the male counterpart to The Vagina Monologues.

“Men’s shame is a hidden weapon in the battle of the sexes and this play helps unload it,” says Ms. Yates.  “A Man’s Journey: Unzipping the Male Heart tackles the stereotypes and get to the naked truth behind cycles of shame, trauma and abuse—helping to end them.”

The avant-garde play is choreographed and directed by Ye Taik and will be followed by lively discussions each night between the actors and the audience members helping to illuminate the heart of men in a new light.

Curtain is at 8:00pm on August 8, 9, 15 & 16 and at 2:00pm on August 10 &17 at The Dairy Center of Performing Arts, 2590 Walnut Street Boulder, CO. Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at or 303.440.7826. For more information, please contact Ms. Yates at 970-333-4035 Email:

How Did We Come About This Information?

We held Live Forums and The truth that men frequently experience sexual shame began to sink in.

We listened in silence as men shared their stories.

We learned how shame covertly damages self-esteem. We learned how it silently wrecks relationships. And we learned how it subtly ruins lives.

What People Are Saying:

Here’s what Beth Laybe said after listening to men share their story of emotional pain at the Live Forum.

Never in my life before that moment did I think about men feeling vulnerable about sex. Never did I consider that their self-worth was in any way on the line. I didn’t understand. So I interviewed many more men about the topic of sexuality, shame, and worthiness, including mental health professionals. In one of my final interviews on the topic, I sat down with a therapist who had spent more than twenty-five years working with men. He explained that from the time boys are eight to ten years old, they learn that initiating sex is their responsibility and that sexual rejection soon becomes the hallmark of masculine shame.

About Us

We are Colby Collins and Queen Be Yates. We are best friends, empowerment coaches, co-founders of The Cock Project and co-producers of A Man journey: Unzipping the Male Heart.

We believe that one way to begin to end the cycle of sexual shame for men is to raise collective awareness about this silent crisis in our culture.

Our Project

We propose to raise awareness about this issue through the mediums of creative arts, live forum events and transformational workshop.

Our debut creative endeavor is a theatrical production. A Man's journey: Unzipping the Male Heart will be directed by Ye Taik, be expertly choreographed, and be an expression of Avant Garde Theater.

The play is scheduled to premiere at The Dairy Center in Boulder August 8-10 and August 15-17.

Tickets To The Show:

Our Fund Raising Goal

We estimate that we need to raise at least $9,000. The money will be used to pay for the directors, the playwrights, the actors, and the cost of production and promotion.

The Purpose of the Play

The play will illustrate the current imbalance between men and women. It will bring greater awareness about gender roles and stereotypes. And it will foster a greater understanding between the sexes.

Ultimately, men will see how essential it is to simply be themselves–rather than project a false persona to hide their true feelings.

Through expanding awareness of men's sexual experience, we can greatly impact how men and women relate to each other, heal trauma and prevent future abuse.

Chronicling the Male Experience

Witty, engaging, and thought-provoking dialogues and scenarios will chronicle the male experience.

The plot will be based on the stories shared by real men at the Live Forum--and it will suggest accounts of what it’s like to be a man in our Western culture…which range from the hilariously profane to the heartbreakingly raw.

Help Us Tell the Real Story

We want to invite you to join our effort to raise awareness on a bigger scale through your donations.

With your financial support, we can make A Man's journey: Unzipping the Male Heart an award winning show that facilitates healing, understanding, connection and laughter.

By spreading the word, you are contributing to catapulting this into a national movement with Boulder as the launching pad.

Together, we can make a difference by healing the shame that binds. And, together, we can free men to be their authentic, vulnerable, and real selves when it comes to sexuality and creating meaningful relationships.

To contribute click on the orange "CONTRIBUTE" button above.

And just as important, please share this with your friends and family. 

Thank you and so much love to you! 

Tickets To The Show:

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Just Because
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Contribute to this movement of ending sexual shame...just because you are inspired.
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T-Shirt with "A Man's Journey: Unzipping the Male Heart" Logo on front and "The Cock Project Presents" on the back. T-shirts will be shipped after the performance debuts, in late August.
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T-Shirt & Signed Poster
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T-Shirt plus "A Man's Journey: Unzipping the Male Heart" poster signed by the cast. Merchandise will be shipped after the performance debuts, in late August.
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VIP Seating Ticket to Show
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VIP Seating Ticket to Show. Dates in Boulder, CO - August 8-10, 15-17.
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VIP Seating Ticket to show & Name in Program
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Sit in the VIP section at the show and see your name in the program as a contributor! Dates in Boulder, CO - August 8-10, 15-17.
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Meet-n-greet with Director/Producer, VIP ticket
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Come back stage at the end of the show to meet with the Director and Producer, sit in the VIP section, see your name in the program as an contributor. Dates in Boulder, CO - August 8-10, 15-17.
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$1,000 USD
Dinner with Queen Be Yates and/or Colby Collins
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Get an opportunity to spend an evening dining with Queen Be Yates or Colby Collins. Ask them any question under the moon! Boulder/Denver area (dinner included).
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