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Help Drew Beat MS with Stem Cell Transplantation!
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We cannot begin to thank you enough for clicking on the link to find out more!!

We have created this fundraiser for our best friend Drew, who is undergoing Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplantation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital this summer to halt the advancement of his Multiple Sclerosis!

The money raised, will go toward the numerous medical bills accrued from the past, and all current and future medical bills due to his multiple auto-immune diseases! Hopefully, we will exceed the goal set to allow for daily living expenses, as Drew has been unable to work for the past year and a half! Furthermore, your donation will allow Drew to recover with an ease of mind and knowing that he has us all, there for him!

For anyone who knows Drew, knows that he is such a fun and loving person and a best-friend to everyone! Over the past couple of years, due to his health, Drew has exhausted all financial resources. He has depleted his life-savings and this is where we can make a difference! He has always contributed to so many others and causes, and now it is our turn to return the favor!

Drew’s Story

Back in early 2009, Drew was having some odd symptoms. His right leg began to hurt, which eventually turned into extreme pain and numbness. He called his primary physician, who he had grown to love over the years, who wanted to see him right away. Drew initially thought it was due to his Type One Diabetes, which he was diagnosed with back in 1985! Well, during this particular appointment, he knew his life was going to once again be changed forever. During the visit, the doctor and he talked about all the signs and symptoms. The doc., knowing Drew very well, sat with him and explained her concerns and fear. She stated she is going to order a battery of exams, including MRI’s, Blood work, EMG/NCV, lumbar punctures etc…She voiced that she had been worried since approximately 2007, when Drew was having odd symptoms of dizziness and other irregular feelings, and that he was experiencing more noticeable neurological symptoms and not endocrine related, not having anything to do with his diabetes. They both sat in the office, tears in both their eyes, having a conversation about Multiple Sclerosis, and the difficulties of diagnosis and the disease progression and what it all means.

Through these multiple exams, being poked and prodded, Drew’s symptoms that started with his right leg, knee area, had now spread to both legs, from the middle of his body, all the way down to his feet, and right arm were now completely numb and painful to the touch. The fear in Drew’s voice, and waiting for the exam results seemed to take forever and heart-wrenching! Finally, on a fall day, mid-September, the Neurologist who had been working with his primary physician, called him while he was working. The news was, he (the Neurologist) wanted to admit him right away, as his MRI’s showed “enhancing lesions” on his brain and spinal cord. These “enhancing lesions” means that the body’s own immune-system is attacking the central nervous system and causing the pain and numbness Drew had been feeling. This was everything the doctor’s needed, at the moment, to begin medication and to try control these egregious symptoms.

After, receiving this shocking news, Drew went into the hospital, head full of fear and  for 5 days laid in I.C.U. jumping in to research all he could about this new relentless and unforgiving disease.

Now, anyone that knows Drew knows that he takes things in stride, and is all-together a pretty uplifting and amazing person! To see him, fall into despair was heart-breaking, but also knew that he would bounce back from this, and become learned and stronger!

Multiple Sclerosis affects everyone differently. It is what they like to call a “Snowflake disease” no two are ever alike, but there is somewhat of a common ground to the process. From that point in the hospital to current, Drew’s symptoms and exacerbations/attacks as they are called, have been relentless and ever present. Drew has had more than 30+ MRI’s and has been on numerous disease modifying drugs, pain and nerve medications, and to no avail  have they yet to find something that works and will slow the disability down. Due to the aggressive nature of his immune system it has also attacking his thyroid creating yet another disease and side-effects. Therefore, Drew and his Dr's know, this is his only option and why we are here asking for your assistance!!!!

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