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Once in a lifetime in 200 years, A Bicentennial of the National Anthem. Join thousands of patriotic enthusiasts celebrating A YEAR of THANKSGIVING for the NATIONAL ANTHEM, that the US Senate unanimously voted. Sept 14 2015 Lincoln Memorial Washington DC!

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       SEPT 14/ 2014 ~ to ~ SEPT 14/ 2015


Unamimous US SENATE Resolution #550 (Sept 17 2015)


We are an educational, historic, once-in-lifetime bi-partisan event with Sing it America (SIA) celebrating the bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner.


Our organization’s primary mission is to preserve the National Anthem from those who wish to replace it. On September 17, 2014, we reached our goal: The passage of Senate Resolution S550 granted a Year of Thanksgiving for the Bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner. Former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD), Gov. Bill Haslam (R-TN), mayors and senators issued proclamations, some declaring September 14th as “ Sing it America Day.


Now we are aggressively planning our final tribute for the year on September 13-15, 2015, in Washington DC. This historic event will never again be repeated in our lifetime, and we wish to honor our anthem in an unprecedented fashion, breaking past political, social and racial divides.


SIA is a sub hub of Harvest Projects international that was founded in 1990 in Oklahoma as a Federal Tax Exempt 501-C3. We have a DUNS NUMBER too!

A glimpse of our presence leading up to this event is as follows: Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar TV , CBN, TCT, GOD TV, 1998-current; Salem Radio Group 205- 2013, The 2002 Pentagon for National Day of Prayer; 2004: Washington Mall for Jesus Rally; 2006 Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney Prayer Breakfast; Boston Bless Israel event at the Boston State House 2007, Branson MO, Veteran's Museum Show, 2010 Christmas Concert celebration at the Maybee Center in Tulsa, OK.; 2012 Weyrick Congressional Luncheon and Senate VAT Meeting; 2014 Family Research Council prayer event; Apple License for the SIA app; State House and church events; and commemorative events nationwide for the bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner on 9/14/14.


Past and Present: Our partners include Smithsonian Museum of American History; Friends of Fort McHenry; Star Spangled 200; Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, Father Patrick Conroy; Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Dr. Barry Black; National Press Club; Tom Lantos Foundation; Family Research Council; Gen. Jerry Boykin; Bott Radio Network; Salem Broadcasting; The Washington Times; TBN; Daystar TV; Charisma Magazine, MovieGuide, .(Featured in WND), Members of the National Press Club and CFNP.


SIA pays special attention to America’s youth. In my work as a historian, I found that 80% of American children between the ages of 6-14 spanning socio-economic and ethnic boundaries do not know the words to the Star Spangled Banner. Worse, they do not even know what an anthem is. Such a travesty. As an educator, I understand the ramifications of losing an entire generation to America’s history. (CLICK:  See our 3 minute Film from Baltimore Harbor celebration interviews)


To that end, we have entered into the educational phase of our vision: To encourage America’s youth to understand and resonate with their national anthem. Our exciting event, “From Dawn’s Early Light to Dawn’s Early Light”, incorporates compelling speakers, literary awards, entertainment, contests and a “Thanksgiving Tent” for those who wish to give thanks for America. From the Washington Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, we envision people from all walks of life singing, humming, reciting or reading the first and last verse of the Star Spangled Banner from the dawn of September 14th to dawn, September 15th. People will be reminded of the battle that ensued for America’s liberty, and we hope that the inspiration of Francis Scott Key will touch a deep place in each of their hearts.

DONATIONS of $100 or more get a free copy of Dr. Shelli Manuel's latest book:


We are enthused about our “ Face of Grace” curriculum and contest that aims to instill honor and pride to African American students from Baltimore. Grace Wisher, a relatively unknown runaway slave, indentured herself and, alongside Mary Pickersgill, helped sew stars on the flag of 1812 that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen our national anthem. And later the US Attorney, Francis Scott Key was an outstanding Abolitionist, who not only fought the Brittish Tyrants but slavery too.


Our plan is to transport Baltimore students to Union Station in DC to sing the first and last verse of the anthem and honor the proud legacy of Grace Wisher. There will be a contest for the best costume and essay of Grace Wisher, of which we are extremely excited. SIA is in negotiations with Amtrak to provide transportation, and Baltimore City Schools are enthused to partner with SIA’s curriculum developed especially for this event.

America’s historical presence in Baltimore has diminished, particularly in recent weeks as their city was decimated through riotous acts. Together, we can instill a sense of American pride and heritage to Baltimore area kidsand children all over the world. We have a pen pal plan too! Keep the encouragement going!

We are also raising funds for a scholarship award for the best esay about Grace Wisher or Francis Scott Key or the National Anthem. And there is a HISTORY BEE, and cursive handwriting contest to copy the origional lyrics. There is a Veteran's hour, time with Congress and the White House and Presidential Candidates, possibly a Parade and Fireworks Display if we also get those second level permits to go along with the current permit granted by the National Park Service of Washington DC.


Without historic projects such as this one, personal viewpoints on historical events are often misplaced forever. We must not let this happen. For Baltimore African American youth especially, SIA presents an opportunity to showcase American Exceptionalism through the joint efforts of Grace Wisher and Mary Pickersgill, masterfully embedding liberty and freedom on the banner that is forever our national pride. Sadly, some politicians, media and special interest groups continuously paint an unflattering picture of black/white relations in American history. Together we can offer a rare opportunity to showcase unity.


We have less than 100 days left!

Due to your interest in our Christian American Heritage, we ask you to consider financial support of this project. Your sponsorship will help cover contractual labor, stage equipment, permits, transportation, media, publications and incidentals. Please review our sponsorship package for complete details.


SIA Communications Director, Selena Owens, or I would be happy to speak with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely,Shelli SignaureDr. Shelli Baker Manuel, Executive Director


Sponsor Packet

Official Proclamations

SIA FLYER Sept 14 2015________________________________________________



DATE: SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2015



  • Contract Labor 400,000

  • Event Space 40,000

  • Port-a-Potties 2,000

  • Vendor Space 3,000

  • Equipment Rental 75,000

  • Insurance 15,000

  • Permits 45,000

  • Transportation 15,000

  • Security 6,000

  • Webmaster 10,000

  • Legal Fees 15,000

  • Permits 30,000

  • Staging 150,000

  • Equipment rentals 75,000

  • Speakers 30,000

  • Fireworks Display over Potomac 100,000

  • Green Room Tent 3,000

  • Media Tent 3,000

  • Thanksgiving Tent 3,000

  • Security 2,000

- Advertising $16,000

  • - Documentary Filming/Editing $30,000


  • Publications 200,000

  • Facebook Ads 35,000

  • TV/Media 1,000,000


  • David B. Manuel Jr., Literary Award (2) $20,000

  • College Scholarships (2) $60,000


A WORD FROM:                                       OUR COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Selena Owens

We are raising funds also to hire contract labor for this event, and our most urgent need currently is to pay budget our New Communications Dirctor Selena Owens. This is reimburse her design hours, communication work and travel. Read her impressive resume that we are proud of. Surely the Lord will reward your support of this wonderfully talented lady and her heart to serve you and this nation. She is lifting a great load off of my shoulders too as I recover from cancer surgery, having won the battle! PTL!

Selena Resume

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New Book: Grace Wisher/Fingers that Sing
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This book will not be shipped until October at the earliest as we are waiting on the publisher's release. But all who request it will receive it.
It will be the 5th book in the Crimson Cross Series that Peter Marshall and David Manuel began with Sheldon Maxwell. This is about the young indentured slave who sewed stars on the flag over Ft McHenry Baltimore in 1812
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The Last Great Awakening
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Inspirational Book by NY Times Best-selling co-author of "The Light & The Glory", David B Manuel Jr.

Using recent Providential history like a hammer of hope, The Last Awakening, caused my heart to be riveted on Revival in America. Now we must seize the day, repent and pray. David Manuel has sounded the trumpet again. —Lou Engle

I know of no one who has captured God’s heart for America – from our inception as a nation up to this present day – more than David Manuel. If this forerunner’s words are heeded, America can be saved, for I am convinced that in The Last Awakening, David is downloading to us God’s passion and prescription for the healing of our land. —Dutch Sheets
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