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The Richmond Christmas Fund provides assistance to low-income families during the holiday season. A key aspect of our program is distributing books to children - and that's where we need your help!

Who We Are

A program of Volunteer Richmond Information Services, the Richmond Christmas Fund offers assistance to low-income families and individuals during the holiday season. Everyone who registers with the Fund receives a grocery voucher. In addition, children are provided with toys, games, and books, and teens with gift cards.  The Christmas Fund Library*

Last year, the Christmas Fund helped nearly 2,000 Richmond residents. Among them were 602 children. As mentioned above, they were given toys, games, and grocery vouchers. Importantly - and we take great pride in this - each child also received at least one book. 

Reading opens up new worlds and new opportunities. If ever there was a gift that keeps on giving, it's the Gift of Literacy. Which is why, every year, we stock the Christmas Fund library with a mix of children's classics and bestsellers - books that have stood the test of time, or are currently popular. Our philosophy is simple: the best way to foster a love of reading is to make sure all children, regardless of income, have access to books they want to read. 

We're lucky that the community is incredibly generous - and thoughtful - in this regard. When books are donated to the program, they're always of the highest quality - books that any child would be delighted to receive as a present. To ensure that this year's Christmas Fund library is fully-stocked, however, we can't rely only on donations. We'll also have to purchase many books ourselves. And that's where we need your help.

* We call it the Christmas Fund library, but we should clarify that there isn't any borrowing involved. Instead, parents select books from our collection to give to their children as gifts.  Why We're Crowdfunding

Last year, in addition to 602 children, the Christmas Fund provided assistance to 184 teenagers (who each received a grocery voucher and a gift card). Combine those numbers - children and teenagers - and you get 786. 

Which brings us to the reason why we're crowdfunding. In 2014, we want to make sure that not only every child, but also every teenager, receives a book. Books for children and young adults vary in price, but on average cost about $15. So, based on our calculations ($15 x 786), we'll need to raise $11,790.

We've never crowdfunded before, so we're not sure if that's an unrealistic goal. We do, however, believe it's a worthwhile one. Hopefully you think so, too!

Thanks for checking this out, and if you choose to make a donation, then an even bigger thank you! We'll be posting updates as the campaign progresses, so be sure to check back regularly!

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