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Elena has a rather tragic tale to tell and she's hoping readers of her story will have enough love and understanding in their heart to make it possible for her foster mom to adopt her. When Elena was a pup of 4 months she suffered a broken back ...

Elena has a rather tragic tale to tell and she's hoping readers of her story will have enough love and understanding in their heart to make it possible for her foster mom to adopt her.
When Elena was a pup of 4 months she suffered a broken back so now has permanent paralysis in her hind quarters. Knowing she did not have the resources, medical specialists or handicap equipment to help Elena, her rescuer contacted Tails from Greece Rescue of Toronto, Canada for help and arrangements were made to have the fragile pup brought into Tails where she would be cared for, fitted with a wheel-chair cart and given the opportunity to become part of a loving family.
Elena is now a year old now and the little 15 pound terrier mix enjoys life like any other dog, having great mobility, whether in or out of her wheelchair.
Elena has been in her foster home for 5 months with little adoption interest. She's a happy, healthy dog; she just has daily care needs, due to her paralysis. She's a quick learner and her foster mom has done an excellent job of teaching her how to be a dog, something Elena knew little about as an abandoned, paralyzed puppy on the streets of Greece.
Elena's foster mom would love to adopt her but financially she's just not able to commit to her long-term care at this point in time, although a couple of years from now she could. Costs associated with Elena's ongoing care include food, monthly flea/tick prevention, pee pads, physio therapy, hydrotherapy, massage and annual vaccinations etc. The ongoing therapies are important to Elena in order for her to maintain good muscle mass so it's something we really want to make available to her.
Obviously it's in Elena's best interest to remain with her foster mom as change will definitely be upsetting to her, now that they've bonded over the past several months. A forever home with Kim would give her a great future!
This appeal for funds is our only hope to make it possible for Elena to be adopted by her foster mom. All the uncertainty of Elena's future is emotionally wrenching for Kim. If Elena is staying with her, then she needs to get started at making plans for her own lifestyle changes, which are not insignificant. It isn't fair to Kim or Elena to have fostering just drag on without any end in sight. And Kim is seriously concerned about Elena's ability to readjust to another environment so we really need to raise these funds so she has closure.
We would so much appreciate if everyone could pitch in with a donation for Elena's ongoing care. And please, also share this request with all your email contacts and friends on FB & Twitter as they may also be willing to help; we just need to find them and with your help, we can! Thanks so much for caring and helping --- every dollar counts!!


UPDATE August 29, 2014 from Elena's foster mom:

Just to give everyone some perspective on an average day for Elena, and what she deals with, she must sleep in a crate for her own safety. She has mostly learned not to chew things, but she can get herself caught in wires, or under chairs, and can't get loose, so the crate protects her. She doesn't mind, and happily goes in at night or when I go out.
She wakes up, and I have to pick her up and express her bladder and help stimulate her to poop so she stays clean, and so do my floors. She has breakfast, spinning around while I get it, she would like to jump up and down like a normal dog, but cannot. After she eats, she torments the cats until they all drive me crazy, but they have fun.
Elena's nervous system is sensitive to noises, and she barks in response to traffic and people outside, which is irritating, but is a release for her. Her barking has reduced dramatically as she has become comfortable and secure.
Elena wants to run, and cannot. She has to push herself off to get momentum, but when she gets going, boy can she go! When Elena gets tired, she lies down like any dog, but deals with shoulder and neck spasms for about 20 to 30 min, until she is completely relaxed. However, she doesn’t know any different, this has been her life, and she thinks life is pretty good and since she has come to Canada, her body has healed a lot, she is stronger, can now roll over, whereas before, she could only lie in one position and never sat up properly. She tries to jump up and uses her front paws to play. Before, she was too weak in the back and panicked if you lifted a paw.
And, she is always Happy, Happy, Happy. Elena thanks you and so do I, from the bottom of my heart.

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