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Hello FB family. If you are on FB right now you are probably bored so hopefully it's not too much to ask you to read this and maybe after do something even more! Most who are reading this probably woke up this morning in a warm bed that was ...

Hello FB family. If you are on FB right now you are probably bored so hopefully it's not too much to ask you to read this and maybe after do something even more! Most who are reading this probably woke up this morning in a warm bed that was positioned in a warm bedroom inside a warm house. At some point after we woke up we probably, and hopefully took a hot shower. After the shower, the majority of us put on some clean clothing and if we were going out probably a jacket or coat of some kind. We eventually got hungry which led us to eat something, either from the house that you woke up in or maybe even went out somewhere and paid someone to prepare a meal for us. So what's the big deal that we woke up, showered, and ate some food. It's what everyone does on a daily basis, right? Wrong. A few weeks ago my friend Jessica sent me an article that someone posted on FB about the "tent city" here in Greenville, SC. It was utterly disturbing to both myself and Jessica. Instead of reading it, talking about how sad it was and  how someone should do something to help, we decided that we were going to help. So a few days later Jess and I loaded my car up with books, clothing, sleeping bags, shoes, etc., etc. and went to the "tent city" to distribute the items. To actually see and walk through where these people are having to live would break the coldest and greediest person's heart I think. Jess and I both had our reservations at first, I'm not going to act as if we didn't. In fact, we were actually somewhat concerned about our safety but once we got in there, all of that concern quickly disappeared and what was good for us no longer was important, it was what else could we do for these people. Yep people. Not scary thieves, murderers, or rapists. They were people like you and I are. These people spoke intelligently, were very polite and thankful for the small and humble supplies that we had brought. These people, these human beings did not choose to be living in a tent under a bridge. These people are there for a number of reasons, whether a bad decision at some point, loss of jobs, or maybe someone else's bad decision had a direct impact on their financial decline. Whatever it was it really doesn't matter at this point. What matters is that they are there and they are cold and they are hungry. When Jess and I left we knew that we didn't do enough and had to do more. Even worse, a few days later we found out that we didn't see all of it. We only saw a section of this place and had no idea. The point of me telling you all of this is that everyday most of us have everything that we need to survive. In fact we do more than survive we live in luxury compared to some. We don't think about the food we are eating or the bed we are sleeping in or the heat that warms our homes. Our homes. Where we go to for shelter and comfort. The place that keeps us safe from the wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. Our sanctuary. Sure most of us work for what we have but understand that these people WANT to work. They are not living in a tent under a bridge in the middle of winter by choice. Jess and I have decided that more should be done and that every little bit helps and every little bit is more than doing nothing. We have set up a fundraiser to help us purchase more necessities for these people whom have fallen on not bad times but horrific times. We aren't asking you to go buy anything or even leave your home. We are just asking to simply donate by clicking the link below. You would be surprised how much a five or ten dollar bill can help a young woman in her mid-20s stay warm in the evening as she sits outside beside a small fire reading her Bible with a beautiful smile on her face. Or a man close to my age that wears a size 13 shoe and knows that not many others do, so probably won't get a pair donated but laughs because he's got a big foot. If you could find it in your heart to sacrifice one Starbucks coffee this week or a night out this month, I promise you it will be the best small sacrifice and will make a HUGE difference to these people. These other human beings just like you and I. You can donate as little or as much as you feel compelled to do and that's all. Every cent that is donated and more will go towards the purchase of clothing and supplies for these people that are in need. I want to thank you all in advance for your help and you can believe that there's many other thanks out there to you as well. Thank you and God bless. If anyone would like to donate items such as, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, tarps, shoes, etc. please contact myself or Jessica Kelley via email at,, or private message here on FB.

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