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Pink, frilly cupcakes piled high with icing and sprinkles no more. Try Bacon, Tequila, Chocolate, Apple Brie, Rum & Coke & many others! Great flavors? Check. Heavy lifting? Done. New store...just opened! We need your help to grow our ManCakes!

How it all began...

Things start off in 2008 when the three of us at all crossed paths on an elite level cheerleading team that came 4th at the World Championships (We know it's random!). As cheerleaders (we know this sounds super manly), we were constantly surrounded by many girls (perk).

As we were all hanging out, one female cheerleader on our team had purchased cupcakes for all of us to share. The cupcakes were okay, but all the guys around the table admitted that we rarely ate cupcakes unless they were purchased by a girlfriend or female friend of ours. As we chatted, the girls continued to claim how great cupcakes were. Pink, frilly, frosting, sprinkles - characteristics that had zero appeal for us guys! This is where ManCakes was born.

Geoff and I entered into a discussion with the girls about all the ways that cupcakes could be improved.  More interesting flavour, not overpoweringly sweet ... fillings!  We realized that there was huge potential to improve on this dessert that hasn't changed in years. Only problem? Neither of us had any baking experience! Enter Tyler. As a trained pastry chef and good friend, we immediately began mixing flavours and combinations in the kitchen. As Tyler experimented, Geoff and I worked to build the branding and business development necessary for any idea to get off the ground. One year later, in December of 2011, ManCakes Bakery was officially launched online.

Over the next year and a half ManCakes grew exponentially. We were blown away that people felt so passionately about our cupcakes.  We were, and continue to be, so grateful to all the people that have supported us throughout our journey.  As well, we are very excited to add new supporters through fundrazr! 

Whats next for ManCakes...

We currently use a small kitchen in Port Coquitlam that only has the capacity to produce a smaller number of cupcake flavours. But we want to GROW, and to do that we need a kitchen of our very own inside our shop. This will allow us to expand our line of ManCake flavours, and introduce a new line of products that will compliment our cupcakes! For now, we'll call these our "mystery delights." In addition, we would like to add a full suite of high quality espresso products.  To do that, we need to invest in an espresso machine that can produce these drinks in a way that meets our high expectations.

We loves "firsts," so with your help, we could become one of the first Vancouver food establishments to utilize crowdfunding to help our expansion!

Summary of Fund Usage:

In-store development kitchen - $5000

Espresso machined for specialty drink program - $3000

Development costs for new line of "Mystery Delights" - $1000

Development costs for new line of specialty ManCakes drinks - $1000


Why it is so important for us...

We designed our cupcakes to be eaten! Not too sweet or piled high with icing and sprinkles. Combine this with unique and interesting ingredients and flavour combinations and you get flavours like Bacon Chilli Chocoloate, Rum & Coke, King Kong and Breakfast, to name a few. Shortly after we started hand delivering our online orders of ManCakes, we realized that the cupcakes were a hit! It was always in our dreams to open up our own café so that we could share our new cupcakes with the world.

Thankfully, the media caught wind of our new found passion and as our exposure increased, so did the demand. We started getting increased requests for pick up orders. Unfortunately we did not have a retail location to facilitate pick ups. Customers were limited to online orders that were delivered three days a week. After being featured on CNN, the Vancouver Sun, Virgin Radio and a host of other media, we set out to grow ManCakes Bakery into a true café and reach the goals that we have set. This is our dream. We are making this happen! We want to turn ManCakes Bakery into a cupcake phenomenon that can be enjoyed nationwide and abroad!

How ManCakes Bakery Café is doing...

People LOVE ManCakes! We have just opened our first ManCakes Bakery Café , so that you can come enjoy cupcakes whenever you want. Our customers are wonderful and have a lot to say: 


"I don't really need an excuse for having dessert for breakfast, but if you do, then here it is!" - Mijune Pak (Follow Me Foodie, Vancouver food blogger)

“The flavours go so well together and I haven’t tasted anything this good in New York or Los Angeles.”- Alex Wong (So You Think You Can Dance)

"Oh My Gosh...these ACTUALLY taste amazing!" - Jen (Store customer)

"I never could’ve guessed how delicious Frank’s Red Hot could be in a baked good. You’ve got to try it to believe it." Erin Ireland (To Die For Vancouver, Food Blogger)

"Amazing, delicious and tremendously creative" - CNN

"This is the coolest idea I've see in years!" - Steve (Store customer)

"Mancakes has, within its pastry case, the greatest cupcake to ever grace the culinary streets of Greater Vancouver" -

The most Interesting cupcakes you’ll ever taste. Period.

We make cupcakes in flavours that EVERYONE wants - a worlds' first! You’ve really got to try them to fully appreciate the awesome taste sensations of Buffalo Wing, Breakfast, Rum & Coke, Chocolate Red Wine, Bacon Chili Chocolate, and more!

Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Rum & Coke Vanilla Base - Coke Cream Filling - Rum Infused Buttercream Icing - Crushed Coke Candy toppingYou may not remember where you went last night… or the girl you have listed as “that girl from the bar” in your phone… but you will absolutely remember these Rum and Coke cupcakes. The strong taste of coke mixed with a punch of rum is the perfect start to a great night that you might remember.


Vanilla base filled with strong cola cream, rum infused butteream icing, crushed coke candy topping.

Bacon Chili Chocolate

Chocolate Base - Ancho Chili Chocolate Ganache filling - Vanilla Buttercream Icing - Crumbled Bacon -

When John M. Carleton invented ancho chili chocolate in 1934 he dreamed of combining it with bacon to make bacon chili chocolate cupcakes. Never able to perfect it, his son Timothy took up the charge in 1968. Sadly, Timothy died later that same year in a bizarre cupcake accident. The quest was abandoned… until now. (None of the that is true except that we have a Bacon Chili Chocolate cupcake, and it’s awesome)


Chocolate base filled with ancho chili infused chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream icing,  crumbled bacon topping.


Apple Brie

Spice Base - Sweet Apple Cider Jelly Filing - Brie Buttercream Icing - Crushed Pretzel Brittle

You work hard. And does anyone appreciate you for it? Probably not. So why not kick back after a long day, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this delectable combination of Apple and Brie. And if that “to do” list starts to creep back in your mind, just remind yourself that someone needs to finish all these cupcakes. I mean, if someone has to do it, it may as well be you. Right? Right.


Spice base filled with a sweet apple cider jelly, brie buttercream icing, crushed pretzel brittle topping.


Chocolate Red Wine Chocolate Base - Marscarpone Mousse Filing - Port Cherry Red Wine Infused Buttercream Icing - Dark Chocolate Disc with Red Wine Gelee

In a recent article of Scientific America there was a study of which foods are the most powerful aphrodisiacs. For men, it was found that no food was necessary… just women. And for women it was found that chocolate and red wine were off the charts. So, to all my friends out there looking for a good night… You are welcome.


Chocolate base filled with mascarpone mousse, port cherry red wine infused buttercream icing, dark chocolate disc and red wine gelee topping.


Buffalo Wing Spice Base - Bake Blue Cheese Cheesecake Mousse - Hot Sauce Infused Buttercream Icing - Crispy Chicken Crumbles

Buffalo Wing cupcake… that’s weird right? Wrong. You want to know what’s really weird? Who’s ever heard of a buffalo with wings? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense. Can you imagine getting pooped on by a flying buffalo? Good luck or not, that would ruin your day. Next time you think something’s weird, maybe you should take a second to think about what you’re saying.


Spice base filled with tangy baked blue cheese cheesecake mousse, hot sauce infused buttercream icing, crispy chicken crumble topping.

King Kong

Chocolate Base - Banana Cream Filling - Espresso Infused Marshmallow - Chocolate Shavings

Tarzan has Jane. Mowgli has Baloo. And King Kong has these cupcakes. One taste and you’ll feel like you’re in the movie! Climbing the Empire State building, fighting a T-Rex, and being captured by Jack Black… Geez… that movie was terrible. On the bright side, these cupcakes are fantastic.


Chocolate base filled with a banana cream, espresso infused marshmallow icing, chocolate shavings.

Tequila Pineapple Spice Base - Pineapple Cream Filling - Tequila Infused Buttercream Icing - Toasted Coconut Shavings

Picture yourself on a tropical beach. You’re sitting on a comfy chair, reading a book, ogling the pretty women and sipping a tropical drink. Now snap out of it. You’re not on a beach. You’re in front of your computer ogling cupcakes. But fear not. One taste of this Tequila Pineapple cupcake and you’ll be brought right back to your relaxing fantasy land.


Spice based filled with pineapple cream, tequila infused buttercream icing, toasted coconut shavings.

Breakfast Vanilla Base - Smoked Bacon & Egg Custard Filling - Maple Syrup Buttercream Icing - Crispy Granola Crunch topping

Now, we don’t want to say this is a hangover cure (because it isn’t), but everyone feels better eating a hearty breakfast after a hard night. But who’s going to spend the time to cook the eggs and bacon and put it on pancakes with maple syrup… uh! What a pain. Instead, pick up a pack of Breakfast cupcakes and you’ll have the whole experience ready for you when you wake up.


Vanilla base with a smoked bacon and egg custard filling, maple syrup infused buttercream icing, crunchy crumbled granola topping.

Whiskey Lime Spice Base - Whiskey Infused Chocolate Ganache Filling - White Chocolate Lime Icing - Lime Sugar ToppingIt's a special type of person that will truly appreciate a whiskey lime cupcake. What type of person you ask? He's avoids cologne because women prefer his natural musk. As a child, he singly handedly evicted the boogieman from his closet. The sun puts on "him-screen" for fear of getting burnt. You get the idea...


Spice base filled with whiskey infused chocolate ganache, white chocolate lime icing, lime sugar topping

Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit - "The one for the girlfriend"

Vanilla Base - Blood Orange & Pink Peppercorn Custard filling - Vanilla Buttercream Icing - Shortbread Cookie & Crushed Pink PeppercornRemember that time that you did that thing, or said that comment and she got mad at you for it? And do you remember that really expensive gift that you got her to make up for that thing that you did or said? Well, those days are behind you. Next time you mess up, and there will be a next time, just be sure to have a Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit cupcake on hand and she’ll forget all about it. It’s the perfect crime.


Vanilla base filled with a blood orange & pink grapefruit custard, vanilla buttercream icing, shortbreak cookie & ground pink peppercorn topping.

ManCakes are Media darlings, maybe you’ve seen us …


Global TV Feature Video

CNN Feature Video

1000 Startups Canada Feature Video

Urban Rush Feature Video


The Vancouver Sun

WE Vancouver

The NOW News

BC Living



Follow Me Foodie

INSIDE Vancouver

Its to die for

We’re on a ManCake Mission to spread the love of cupcakes and joy to all!

Risks & Challenges

Even in the world of cupcakes, life is a risk! This journey has been amazing and as we try to expand, there will likely be copycats out there. It is our desire and dream to turn ManCakes into a global staple so every ounce of our dedication will be invested in reaching this goal. Your generous donations will also help us continue to protect our brand, ensuring we can keep producing great products for you to enjoy. Risks are a part of everyday life and just as we do everyday, we will find ways to avoid them, rectify them and/or turn them into positive experiences. We're up for the challenge!

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