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Rick & Margaret McCoy - need help. 

Rick was diagnosed 1/2012 with kidney disease & renal failure. 7/2012 he suffered a shoulder injury at work. Surgery followed 10/2012. After extensive therapy and tests - the determination has been made that a nerve was either damaged or killed in the process of surgery in some way. He has been unable to work in over a year now. Accidental Insurance thru work is paying him 40% of his normal salary. He is now going thru the process of finding out his impairment rating on the shoulder for disability. 

During the course of all this with the shoulder, his kidneys have failed completely. He is now on home dialysis 7 nights a week.

Margaret was diagnosed with uterine cancer 8/2012. Surgery followed 9/2012. It was an extensive surgery. Her prognosis is good, but the recovery time has been listed as up to 3 years. 

They have used every penny of any savings that they ever had. Rick & Margaret are barely making it from payday to payday - and not really at that. 

Fuel costs going back and forth to doctors and hospitals ... with only have a diesel pickup.

Grocery costs - because Rick is required to eat 4 x the amount of protein as normal, due to the dialysis removing so much of the protein from his body.

Medication costs - even tho Rick has prescription insurance, the co-pays are so high that they cannot afford all his medications and hers. They have applied for and been turned down on every prescription assist program that they can find - because of his insurance. Sigh.

The house that Rick & Margaret are living in uses propane for heating their water - they were blessed with 100 gallons a year ago, but are now out. They do not have the money to buy the propane. Propane is now going for about $2.50 per gallon. The propane company will not extend credit - they say that they quit doing that years ago. The propane company will not deliver less than 100 gallons.

Rick & Margaret use wood for heating the  home. They do not have enough wood for this cold spell that came in over the weekend and is due to last the week. Let alone having enough to last thru the winter. Rick can no longer go out and cut the wood - because of his shoulder, and because of the catheter. And they cannot afford to buy the wood either. Wood is costing about $150 a cord and to make it comfortably thru the winter (keeping the temp in the house at an average of 68* - 72*) it will take about 4 cords of wood. 

If you feel led to help Rick & Margaret, a little goes a long way. Even $5 per person will add up. No matter  the size of the donation, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated, any donation is received humbly and with gratitude. 


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