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On August 2nd 9 year old Anthony Guerra passed into the light. Leaving his family and beloved Grandmother Robin McAllistar to keep the fire burning down here with the rest of us. Unfortunately, during this time of the Great loss the bills kept ...
On August 2nd 9 year old Anthony Guerra passed into the light. Leaving his family and beloved Grandmother Robin McAllistar to keep on the fire burning down here with the rest of us. Unfortunately, during this time of the Great loss the bills kept rolling in. This is a CALL OUT to help our dear friends and community members in their time of sorrow. Here is the story...
On the last Thursday morning of July my daughter and her four beautiful kids went to the beach...they played all day in the water and the sun... I joined them for a while in the early afternoon and just as I was leaving to work Katie and I watched and laughed as Anthony gazelle leaped along the edge of the water head back laughing. Having the time of his life.. We talked about how happy he was..
After I left Kate called in the kids as the tide started building and they changed into warm clothes and bundled up in blankets. They sat by the fire along driftwood logs and ate hotdogs and chips and basked in the summer...Anthony was drawing while snuggled in a blanket. His sister was snuggling him and then leaned against the log watching the ravens eat chips. as they gathered to leave Kate said.. Where is Anthony...his sister had seen him only 5 minutes before..
She frantically searched the beach and water’s edge while calling the police, me and her husband who was at work. I arrived in minutes and while racing down the beach felt strongly drawn to the tide swollen channel at the far east of the beach and it was there that I spotted Anthony barely floating in the distance.. I attemped to swim to him and could not reach him in my jeans and work cloths the tide was a fierce with an undertow over an active flood.. Katie heard my anguished wail and ran the length of the beach, running out of her shoes and throwing her phone she dove into the raging water filled with mother love adrenalin she reached her child, as she pulled him up on the far shore, Stacy Luck a local policeman and hero swam the slough and worked with Kate to save her child together they performed cpr and mouth to mouth for what seemed an eternity. He pushing and counting while Kate tried to breath life back into her child, somewhere in the process Katie’s love called Anthony back into his body. Keith , Kate’s husband arrived from work frantic and dove across the water in full work gear to help his wife and child..
EMS found them along the shore and moved them to the SKP hospital where the staff produced miracles, the family was medevac’d to Providence at the pediatric intensive care. .
Surrounded now by phenomenal medical staff and social services.. Anthony was kept in a medical coma giving his traumatized brain a chance to recover if he could... we prayed mightily for his recovery and prayers for a miracle quickly spread around the world….
The specific miracle we petitioned for was not forthcoming but Miracles surrounded us all none the less, you see Anthony is autistic. He has spent his life profoundly disabled.. And while he struggled mightily to understand and communicate with the world.
Anthony had many gifts, he was a profoundly gifted artist… his other gifts included, balance a mountain goat would envy and compassion and gentleness that could have been used to teach sainthood. A love of singing, animals, soda pop and most of all drawing..there is much much more but here as in life we never seem to have enough time.
As Anthony s body lay unmoving his spirit rose to amazing heights, He moved among us in dreams, love, stories and presence. In the last week of life that we were gifted, Anthony along with his spiritual source preformed miracles…family's were reunited, lost folks were returned to the fold. love was expressed. Commitments to new ways of moving in the world were made. Forgiveness and professions of gratitude and apology were common place. Friends and family came from as far as Wisconsin and Florida near and far and enveloped this hurting family and amazing child..his teachers from preschool came daily. No one was left un touched by this childs spirit.
In the end, one week from the day that Anthony had first left us in the deep water, his mother knew that it really was time for him to leave. We all said our goodbyes with touch laughter and tears…all the medical trappings were removed, the Dr said it could take weeks, but that mothers seem to know...He slept that night in his mother’s arms as he had the entire week proceeding…around 7am Katie woke from a dream about our family dog Tully who left this world last December. She kissed her son and told him that tully was waiting for him…only moments later he left to join him.
Anthony Guerra, 9 years old beloved child of Katie and Keith Brock of Homer, and Hector Guerra of Wi, Brother of Caprice, Grace and Adonijah, Grandson of Robin Mcallistar of Homer, Dan and Anna Urton of Cordova, Great Grandson of Donna Ridener of Homer, Martin and Norma Ridener of Ohio and cousin of more than we have room to write..
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