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The Kitty Kush Laptop Fund!
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I need a laptop! I'm currently saving to get a new (or slightly used/refurbished) MacBook Pro, which will help me make my camshows and other content even better! Every little bit counts, click "read more" or scroll down to see the whole story! xo KK
Look I'm not talking about investing your life savings into my get rich multi tiered pyramid scheme selling licensed art of dogs playing poker to retirement homes, all I'm talking about here is getting a new laptop!

See, here's the thing, while I am on cam you guys are probably tired of my lags in my camped, right? Do you wanna see me up close, in super HD? All of me so close you might be able to tell what I had for breakfast (Well not that close) ? I bet! And although I would love to show you every naughty little nook and cranny, (even where I hide my Skittles!) unfortunately with the sudden speculated (and still under investigation) suicide of my laptop, I can't do any of that fun stuff on the dinosaur system I had to fall back to! So the time has come with the help of my friends and admirers for me to upgrade into at least into the 20th century with a new or slightly used MacBook Pro!

Since the demise of my laptop, I've had to borrow my homies old computer (and he is damn near a hobo as it is) & I have recently been attempting to entertain the masses on my cam site using what basically amounts to 3 hamster wheels hooked up to a 286! So, I'd like to get the current MacBook Pro! Why? Well, the MacBook would totally give me way more options of uploading and editing videos & sets for you guys MUCH faster than I can right now, I'll be able to shoot HD content for you all (Kitty's "kitty" in HD?! Yup!) there will be less lags in my camfeed, PLUS it just seems to be a damn good choice!

Now look we all know I could just feed y'all some bullshit sob story about how my mom needs three new kidneys (She doesn't), or my pet unicorn needs rabies shots (Everyone knows mythical beasts can't get rabies!) or that I'm working my way through medical school (......Really?) and if I thought any of you would be stupid enough to believe any of that that I might just try - but I figured I would try the honest approach first!

Truth be told, as an up-and-coming cam model, I pay for all of my own expenses with what I make on line. Between my cost of living and keeping up the lavish lifestyle I've become accustomed to... (Ramen and basic cable) coupled with the recent demise of my laptop, I don't have the cash to replace it on hand and with the antique I am using I don't have the ability to make it.

Thusly, I'll need some help! Like I said before, many of you have said you had an interest in helping me to do this so much so I decided to put this lets make it happen! Donations are appreciated no matter big or how small, anything and everything will help! and make possible for me to give you guys even better camshows and more!! So God willing and the tide rising by this time next month I'll be well on my way to a brand spanking' new Mac!

xo KK
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