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Meet Lulu, only five years old, usually full of life and today, struggling every minute to survive. Her skin is yellow which is a sign the liver is failing...

Lulu was rescued from one of the worst shelters around and fostered, then adopted into an ...
Meet Lulu, only five years old, usually full of life and today, struggling every minute to survive. Her skin is yellow which is a sign the liver is failing...

Lulu was rescued from one of the worst shelters around and fostered, then adopted into an amazingly loving home. Lulus mommy fell just fell in love with her.

Lulu is usually energetic and happy and runs right up to you.. nose to nose and stares into your eyes.. playing her little game.

Last week Lulu became very ill. The Vets still do not know what is wrong with her and are testing and trying to figure it out.. meanwhile.. little Lulus health is diminishing by the day and the bills are adding up.

Lulus mom has pulled out her credit card to get this little girl all the help she needs... but her funds are running out and as a community of rescuers/dog lovers - I hope we can all come together and help Lulus mom to feel that support from us so that she will keep rescuing and feel supported by the community.

Lulu's expenses are now over 6 grand and this includes:

blood transfusions
emergency room stays every night
drawing and testing blood
scans, the list goes on and on

Still.. this little chiweenie is fighting with all her might.. wagging her little tail and little kisses here and there. We cant just stop helping her because we have run out of funds.

Here is a note from Lulus Mom -

'My heart has been broken these past 3.5 days because Lu is in such bad shape right now and I'm so upset that I can lose her at any second.

Lu was diagnosed with acute AIHA anemia 3 days ago. Since her official diagnosis, her health has declined so insanely fast that doctors have had to be incredibly aggressive in their treatment with her. Even with the chemotherapy, steroid medication, IV fluids, prescription liver vitamin, and emergency blood transfusions, her condition still won't stabilize. Ironically, when I initially took Lu to the ER Tuesday evening, she wasn't showing any visible signs of AIHA at the time. I noticed she hadn't been eating much of her food, and when she rejected her favorite Greenie, I sensed something was kinda off. She had acute pancreatitis before so I was hoping it wasn't a nasty relapse.

I don't know how else to describe it but I checked up on her at 4am, and she gave me a silent, blank stare over with a few short bouts of heavy breathing. No barking, no whimpering, no visible signs of pain, no NOTHING...yet, somehow I instinctively just grabbed her, hopped into my car, and rushed her over to ER care.

It turns out had I waited even just a few hours, I would've lost her right there and then. At the time she was checked in, she was already running a 105 fever and her liver was shutting down.

Without rehashing all the painful details of the past few days, I'm so devastated because I love that furball so much and I'm absolutely not ready to let go of her. I've been a crying mess because I'm trying to do everything I possibly, humanly can to improve her condition within logical reason (as long as she's not in major pain or discomfort, I fiercely refuse to throw in the towel and give up on her).

She's so sick I haven't been able to keep her home at all. Everyday at 6pm, I pick her up from my regular vet, then rush her over to ER care with all her IV fluids, 3 oral medications, and blood transfusion liquids. I then pick her up at 7am and rush her back over to my vet again. It's just neurotically heart breaking because all I want to do is keep her at home and tell her everything will be okay but she needs 24/7 professional medical attention right now.

I've gone to the ER hospital and vet clinic 7x within the past 3 days - my nerves are rattled to its peak right now and I just canceled a major vacation so I can spend as much time as possible nursing her back to health - if that's even possible at this point.

Lu's regular veterinarian warned me today that I should start thinking about worst case scenario if her condition doesn't improve within the next several days (despite the fact that her red blood cell levels are drastically dipping every single day, two ER vets from another hospital are saying there's still some hope).

I'm totally sleep deprived and an emotional mess so sorry if this message doesn't read smoothly. But please keep Lu in your thoughts...despite all the hardships she's been through, she's managed to remain incredibly loving - she's such an amazing dog. I honestly can't imagine life without her."

Thank you for your support... Even a dollar helps.. and if you can not donate at this time.. please leave a positive message in support of Lulu and her mom.
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