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~Christian Drop-In Educational Care Center~
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~The Mommy Survival Club ~ A Christian Drop-In Educational Care Center Ministry. We NEED YOU! Please donate today to this worthy ministry - helping moms, dads, guardians and children, to live and love like Jesus!

The Mommy Survival Club has a heart for Christ and wants to share it! 

Do you have a heart for stay-at-home-moms?  Do you have a heart for children?

Are you a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) desperately needing a break? Tired, worn-out, drained? Need to go grocery shopping but bringing the kiddos makes it feel like you just climbed Mt. Everest? Needing to see your doctor but can’t keep your little ones from playing with the anatomically correct models in the gynecologists office? Are you lacking local family support to help care for your babies or lacking access to an affordable babysitter when you need to run an errand? Do you know someone in this situation or do you have a heart for those going through this?


The answer is a Christian Drop-In Care Center for kiddos 9 months old to 6 years of age, a business allowing moms to attend an appointment, take care of household needs like shopping, cleaning or bill paying or simply recharge. The Mommy Survival Club’s affordable plans make this available to moms that would otherwise not qualify for assisted childcare programs.

This program is open to everyone and is targeted to those that have limited to no disposable income and no local family support, which limits their ability to attend appointments, shop alone, take a recharge break or go on a date with their spouse. Our program enables these individuals to do just that.

Mission Statement:

The Mommy Survival Club allows moms the comfort of knowing that their precious little ones are safe and well cared for in a Christ-centered environment while they take a well-deserved break, attend necessary appointments, or use the time as they desire. Additionally, our mission is to touch those with the love of Christ that may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn of his love.

Our Company will:

  • Bring joy, and peace to the process of raising Christ-centered children.

  • Provide a peaceful appointment time for parents that do not have other sources for local childcare.
  • Show others the love of Christ through our actions and by sharing our gifts.
  • Allow for a recharge period for worn-out, stressed-out or tired parents.
  • Allows a fun place for kiddos to want to go to, where children ask, "can I go to The Mommy Survival Club today," just because they enjoy it so much.


Not only will making Mommy Survival Club a reality be fulfilling my dream - my passion to help others, help to raise Christ-centered children and be operating a business; but my business may very well be the answer to many moms’ prayers!

Please help me bring this dream to fruition, the dream of supporting moms as they raise the future generation that will lead our schools, our corporations, our country and the world! Please donate today!

Why this business and why me?

The answer is simple: all three of my strongest passions fit into this one business:

I have a passion for helping others, raising Christ-centered children and for BUSINESS!

I graduated with a B.S. degree and spent seventeen years in business operations and management, mainly within the banking and finance industries. Fourteen years after earning my B.S. degree, and with a lot more business experience, I went on to graduate school and obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration). I earned that degree believing it would help me advance up the corporate ladder. But in August of 2010 I stared straight in the face of my first of two precious miracles and there was no way I was going to leave her with someone else to raise. So I became a stay-at-home-mom and did volunteer technical writing and management consulting on the side.

It took me several years to finally decide I wanted to own the business rather than just work my way up the corporate ladder.

Then I experienced the why that lead to this business endeavor.

As with many moms, there was a season in my life I had the need for medical tests. With two toddlers and no local family which could watch my children, going to doctors’ appointments was difficult but going to the hospital, well that was impossible.

After calling 23 childcare centers and in-home daycares, obtaining recommendations from everyone I could, I still had no one to watch my children. The centers either did not accept part-time or drop-in situations or were full or charged entirely too much money for a stay at home mom; a stay at home mom and family that live on one income. This family living on that one income while having all the expenses they had prior to kiddos when it was just mommy and daddy and they had two incomes to pay the bills.

Through faith and prayer, I did finally find a center that would meet our needs but not without a lot of stress and tears in leading up to this.

And that is what lead me to forming The Mommy Survival Club!

My business idea centers on the concept that you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before trying to help others. This business is a respite care for moms that is affordable and flexible so even moms with little disposable income are still able to utilize this service.

In the past 4 years, the years I have held the most important job of my life - the job of a mom, I have met numerous worn-out, stressed-out and completely drained moms. Moms at their breaking point. Moms that needed respite care!

Please help me bring this dream to fruition, the dream of supporting moms as they raise the future generation that will lead our schools, our corporations, our country and the world! Please donate today!

Your donations will assist with the following (this is not an all-inclusive list):

  • Start-Up Business Fees

  • Background Check and Finger Printing Fees

  • Equipment for Children, such as: Musical Instruments, Activities Supplies, Toys

  • Office Equipment

  • Advertising and Signage

  • Additional initial start-up expenses

Please help your neighbor or maybe your own family and donate today! Thank you for your support!!

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DOTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil & Ref Card
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For the next 5 individuals that donate $25 or more to The Mommy Survival Club, we will send you a 5 ml bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil - I recently used this in my children's homemade play dough, it is an excellent antifungal, antibacterial and mood lifter. It can be energizing and uplifting while instilling feelings of peace. In addition to the bottle of essential oil, you will receive a Modern Essentials Reference Card with common ailments and the essential oils that can aid/provide benefits. Additionally, you will receive a reference sheet on Wild Orange Essential Oil.
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