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Hi, My name is Ralph Webster and I am in for the Fight of my life! Dear Family, Friends and other Compassionate Individuals that may read this.

I am writing this because I fear that my condition (Parkinson’s) is accelerating. My right hand is now ...
Hi, My name is Ralph Webster and I am in for the Fight of my life! Dear Family, Friends and other Compassionate Individuals that may read this. I am writing this because I fear that my condition (Parkinson’s) is accelerating. My right hand is now tremoring mildly, my legs don’t work like they did when I was diagnosed 4 years ago, I am constantly fatigued due to sleep issues caused by my condition, (I have to take a nap every day at lunch just to make it through the end of the work day), I have lost a lot of dexterity causing my stress level to elevate quickly. My memory is suspect as at times I don’t remember simple things. I know people say its part of aging but I think it is more than that. For example: The other day Bryce and I were at Wendy’s eating and a Rod Stewart song came on. I told Bryce that Maw Maw really likes this singer. He Said, well what’s his name. IT was as if I never knew it. I have been a fan of his since the 70’s. I could not remember his name. I am having more and more episodes like this. I have had many instances at work where I can’t think of things or simple words to express my self. It’s quit embarrassing at times. So if I see you one day and don’t remember your name, I’m sorry. I have lost my sense of smell to a large degree and according to Kathy I don’t hear very well either. My hands are freezing more also. That is very frustrating. It’s not that they are cold; it’s just that at times I can’t move them and have to struggle and tell myself to move them. I am also at the end of my emotional rope trying to deal with all of this. I have never in my life just broke down crying for no real reason like I do now. Parkinson’s related mild depression I guess. I fear that I am just going to throw my hands up and say the hell with it. Anybody that knows me knows I am not that way. This brings me to the reason I am writing this letter. If I do become completely disabled, which could happen sooner or even later, only God knows, Kathy and I will in all likely hood become a burden to someone both physically and financially. The thought of this makes me ill to my stomach. It’s not like I haven’t tried to make more money. My income, because of this economy, has suffered by $10,000.00 to $12,000.00 per year for the last 3 years devastating our financial situation. I tried to sell real estate on the side for a short period. We all know what has happened there. I have written a song and have had no takers for 12 years. I was told that I had to have an agent. I have no clue how that works. I have written a children’s book with the same results. I hope to eventually make some money on the book if the illustrator situation pans out. I had to offer her part of the book because I can’t pay her to do it. I’m not holding my breath. I also started an affiliate marketing web site that failed miserably. So here’s what I am thinking. If George Zimmerman can raise several hundred thousand in donations after shooting an unarmed man and having his web site shown on TV, how much could an honest, hard working God fearing individual like myself raise for Parkinson’s relief. On top of the initial donations people gave him about $50,000. more for bail money. And now his parents are asking for money on their web site. Also, did you see how much the woman that was harassed on the bus received? $700,000.00. I think what those kids did was pathetic and cruel, but $700,000.00? I’m not looking for anything more than a cushion for when my functions make me disabled and I can no longer work. If I don’t start now it could be too late so I am trying to be a little proactive with this letter. As I said only God knows when the disability will hit. I don’t see my income increasing any time soon. I’m not asking anyone for more than $5.00 so there is no burden on anyone who reads this. If I walked up to you and asked for $5.00 would you give it to me? What I really would like is for everyone who reads this to send it out on their Face Book or e-mail friend list. It would be like a multiplier effect. For example: I have 50 links on my Linked In site. From those 50 people it links me to one million others. If this could circulate to that degree then I am sure I would have no more worries about our pending situation. I want all who read this to know I am not trying to put you on the spot here. I am just genuinely asking for some help. If you want to help me out God Bless you. If you don’t God Bless you anyway. I fully understand that this will be taken differently by different people. One other thing. Please don’t ask me about this when we talk. I am embarrassed and humiliated enough just having to do this. It is what it is. I have made so many poor decisions in my life I hope this isnt another one. Here is my address if you don’t have PayPal and want to remain anonymous. 2109 Friar Tuck Lane Orange City, FL 32763. Sincerely, Ralph Webster
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