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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It....
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My name is Paul. I am a non-traditional college student. I am trying to negotiate the release of a hostage (my college transcripts) in order to achieve my goal of a Bachelor's Degree in I.T.

(Que the Mission Impossible Music)

You have been selected by IEMF (Impossible Education Mission Force) to assist in liberating my college transcripts from the evil clutches of those who would use them for.......nothing!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to donate any amount you believe appropriate to assist in accomplishing this mission. As always should you or any member of your team be killed or captured… will still have helped a non-traditional college student and all around "good guy" achieve the goal of education. Which you can and should feel REALLY good about yourself for that. This message will NOT self-destruct, ever. ***

All kidding aside;

My name is Paul. I was recently described by a dear friend as being the 'Dumbest smart guy in the world.' You may be asking yourself why? Well my story is quite long, involved and tediously boring. But for the purposes of your time and mine, we will stick to the relevant highlights.

While I would definitely not consider myself 'disadvantaged' I have always had to put 'trivial issues' such as food, heat, shelter, child care, clothing, hygiene, transportation, debts and insurance ahead of my educational pursuits. Clearly I am ‘delusional’ as I have had my head buried in a reality where these things actually cost money, and money comes from having to work for it.

I know, Stupid me, right!

Last year about this time my schedule went psychotic, being dominated completely by work causing my withdrawal from my previous school. Because I was ‘beyond the refund period’ they returned that portion of my financial aid, and now I am on the hook for the tuition for two classes that I cannot pay. Emphasis on CANNOT, not WILL not. Hence, my transcripts are currently held hostage.

Like the vast majority of all Americans’ I live paycheck to paycheck because, (insert all common reasons here). Bottom line, I make too much for assistance but not enough to change this situation. Some would say that my situation is of my own making, but the people that would say that generally had better options to choose from when making their decisions. I ask for your help in accomplishing this mission of freeing my transcripts and allowing me to continue my studies. Please remember, the clock is ticking and I am running out of time.  Thank you for your time and donation. 

 By the way...the Dumbest smart guy in the world thing, was because despite all my intelliegence, I have not gotten a degree. 

***Clearly the introduction was inspired by Mission Impossible, which is the sole property of it’s copyright owners and used for the purposes of humor and effect.

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