Rainbow Snowball Caravan of Abundance
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A rainbow caravan has left from the European Gathering in Lithuania heading for the World Gathering in Egypt. Along the way we will spread the rainbow love with all who we come across. This is our online MAGIC HAT for online support.


We are a day away from crossing the Hungary - Serbia border where an expected 40,000 Syrian migrants will cross this week alone. We need your help to feed as many of them as possible, we would like to show them a rainbow food circle and do our best to show them that they too are rainbow family! This is our online magic hat so we can receive your donations. The money will be spent on food and other resources required to preform the food circles and workshops.


The love we've spread is already tangible. And the reflections we see in others' faces are what we feel inside our hearts. Smiles and wonder greet us on the streets, 'who are you... what are you... are rainbow people from another plannet..?' We dance through the city in goofy loving bare foot hullaballo, banging drums and blowing kisses and indeed we are from another planet, planting seeds for vines from here to there and all the places inbetween. We cannot messure the impact we have already had and true to our name it is SNOWBALLING. Another world, another life exists outside of offices, factories, telephones and malls. All of us have darkness in us but the bubbles we are spreading are of light and awakening. This message is a call as much as an update. if you've been waiting for the time, it's now. In the words of a song that came to me the other day:

"Butterflies flutter in our eyes and the sand between our toes
Try to realize, no such thing as time
And the girl she knows
We must all suppose
It's just in our heads
all the story lines
Time to go to bed
Darling close your eyes and sleep, sweet dreams."

Our fairy tales are coming true. Dreams and reality no longer seem separate. Sometimes we all wonder if we're crazy, if what we're doing is brilliance or utter madness. Then something magical happenes and we look into the clouds and one anothers' eyes and know our path is blessed, for we have met our souls walking upon it. There is no one flag here, no single song, religion, or way to food circle, all are welcome, every puzzle piece. The roads are opening and with them our minds and souls, ladders up to the stars and visions of polar bears and whales. This world of ours is changing fast. The eneergy is building with every new conection, every perfect thought, inspired poem, vision of blue smoke and new plant to eat.

On our manifestation list for the nearby future is a beautiful, deliciously paintably hippie bus not too difficult to convert to biodiesel. On our farther manifestation list is an air balloon, adventurous horses, a sturdy ship to sail the Mediterranean and more beautiful fools to fill it with and start it flying. Every skill is necessary, every soul embraced here. You are our family and we yours. Soon we will have food circles on the streets, hugging workshops, expanding the rainbow sphere and allowing it to morph in whatever beautiful way it chooses.

Our website is http://www.rainbowsnowballcaravan.com and THIS is our online magic hat for those who'd like to support us from anywhere in the world.

"Deep inside my heart I've got this

Everlasting light, it's shining,

Like the Sun it radiates on everyone.

And the more that I give,

The more I've got to give.

It's the way that I live,

It's what I'm living for"

See you in five family <3

Much love, Rosie and Christos

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