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My name is Tucker Livingston, a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Austin, TX. In 2004 I won an award as Best Singer/Songwriter and a grant from the Austin Music Foundation to create and market an album. This album saw significant sales and was the inspiration for famed choreographer Gina Patterson's work in Ballet Austin's project 3x3. I have performed at the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. After a fifteen year career in Texas and traveling around the world, I moved to India several years ago to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to study ancient South Indian Carnatic music on a stringed instrument called the Saraswati veena with my teacher, one of the last great veena masters. These studies have had a profound effect on my personal artistry, something that I plan to utilize within the upcoming new phase of my career.

For today’s musician a computer has become the most essential tool besides a musical instrument to create music and pursue a career. RIght now, in the midst of several important projects my old computer is suddenly dying.

The computer I am now going to buy is a 21.5 inch Mac desktop. It has the space and prossesing power of my needs with both audio and visual media. A computer enables me to look for work to support my family, connect and collaborate with other artists, fans, and apply for funding in my studies. Most essentially, it serves as a home recording studio and movie editor, both of which I am utilizing for producing music and editing/creating documentary films about music and are needed to apply for funding in the academic world as well as proffesionaly.

In these times, it is increasingly difficult to be able to survive as a working musician, or to undertake in-depth studies of such rich and beautiful traditions as Carnatic music without patrons such as yourself.

Your help will have an immediate major impact on my life, allowing me to continue to survive, record, and facilitate my growth as an artist both in my creative music as well as under the auspices of India's cultural heritage in traditional Carnatic music.

All contribution incentive gifts will be received once the campaign's goal is reached. 

With gratitude,


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$1 USD
You get a thank you note
  • 0 claimed
I will send a personalized thank you in an email sent to you on nice digital stationary.
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$1.99 USD
You get a sincere thank you note
  • 0 claimed
I will profusely thank you in an personalized email sent to you on nice digital stationary and in an unusual font, rather than boring old Times New Roman. Comes with a free avante-garde picture of a random object used as a metaphor for how I am feeling that day.
We will take the Sin out of Sincerely and that just leaves Celery, which is gross and tasteless unless you add peanut butter to it like my Mom used to make me when I was a kid, and that is so good...doesn't have anything to do with the note or the photograph, that part, I just thought it was interesting word play with sincerely. But now word play is over and I'm exteremly serious again, mainly because I was proud of making that last part up but just realised that Sincerely without the Sin is Cerely and not Celery, which means my whole idea is trashed and I am either dyslexic or hungry. I'm sorry.
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$5 USD
free demo song, shout-out and e-mail
  • 1 claimed
Everything the lower donors get, plus I'll send you an mp3 of one of my unreleased demo songs, give you a shout-out of how cool you are on Facebook, and e-mail you a thank you letter (the sincere kind).
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$10 USD
a picture is worth a thousand words
  • 4 claimed
Along with the other lower funded gifts, I will e-mail you a full size digital photograph of something interesting and a stream of consciousness writing on the e-mail of one thousand words.
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$15 USD
Rare songs, demos, live recordings
  • 0 claimed
In addition to all the perks below, you get 5 rare demo songs, live songs both from clubs and radio, and unreleased material as well some live performance photographs. As with other material, will be available through a download link.
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$20 USD
A rare set of demos and live recordings
  • 3 claimed
For donating up to 20 dollars, you will get the lower contribution perks as well as get a download link to a 10 song collection of unreleased demos and live recordings of my songs that you may of may not have heard. Demos can be rough, one take and badly recorded at times, but they are new songs, and interesting in the way that you can get glimpses into the sometimes wacky and no-holes-barred approach during the creative process musicians will do to get something out and rolling.
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$30 USD
A collection of live performance videos
  • 3 claimed
All the perks below as well as a small commotion of live performance videos. Can include anything from playing live in Syria with local musicians, solo folk performance at a coffee shop or me dressed in drag in the 90's playing with a space rock band. View at your own risk!
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$50 USD
Carnatic music tracks, written letter & mystery
  • 6 claimed
In addition to the perks for donations below this one, I will give some recordings of me playing the Saraswati veena. It will be available for download via a computer link. I will also write you a handwritten letter with a fountain pen on paper and send it to you in the post along with a surprise gift from a bazar in India. Remember letters, real ones? With stamps? I'm sending you that.
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$100 USD
I write and record a song for you and send it
  • 4 claimed
In addition to the other perks for donations below this one, I will write and record to the best of my ability a personalised song for you. It will involve getting some corrospondence from you explaining what you want the song to be about, the details and so forth. Slight variations in details may be there in the finished product because I need a little freedom with the creative flow of the song, and we have to be in agreement on the subject matter. This is the equivalent of commissioning a painting from Van Gogh before he was famous... except that I'm not Van Gogh, and I am not famous, and there is a huge talent discrepancy. I mean, come on: Van Gogh couldn't play Lester Leaps In if you paid him. I can't either... but that's not the point. The point is... I mean, I can write a little song for you, you know.
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$200 USD
Skype guitar lesson/collaboration
  • 0 claimed
In addition to the perks of donations below this one, I will Skype with you for one hour up to three times with my guitar, either showing you something you would like to learn on the guitar that I can offer that has to do with my particular playing style, such as teaching an open tuning you might like, some of my tips and tricks in guitar playing, or how to play one of my songs. In addition to that, we can write a song together. If we can't do it in three sessions, then at least we will have worked on it. Be prepared to have your thinking cap on but don't expect me to carry the whole song, we will need to do it together. The song writing thing is really a just for fun thing, but I feel like it is meaningful because it is still art and creation! We will split the writers and publishing 50/50. Who knows, maybe it will be a hit!
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$400 USD
My out of print CD, a private concert DVD
  • 1 claimed
All gifts below, an autographed CD of my debut record that is out of print and a private DvD performance for you edited on my new computer of songs that you determine. I'll play any song for you that I know except for Mustang Sally. The reason that I won't do Mustang Sally is that after my CD release show in 2004, the first big show I did was at a club down on 4th street in Austin. I had these little postcard flyers advertising my new record placed out on each table and I was singing my heart out. Halfway through the second set, a smiling lady came up between songs with a pen holding out the flyer for me, and I took it happily to autograph it for her. Instead she turned and tottered away on her high heels back to her table. Puzzled, I looked down at the Flyer and written across my face in big bold letters it said DO YOU KNOW MUSTANG SALLY. So I did what any self-respecting musician in Austin would do: a 30 minute jam rendition of the song; got off stage & got so drunk I forgot my name.
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$1,700 USD
For a full funding, it needs some careful thought
  • 0 claimed
In addition to all the perks below this funding amount, if someone just flat out funds the whole project in one go, I will have to come up with something fantastic. To be honest, I can't think of what this would be yet. Ideas: I come to the USA next year, so it can involve a live concert at your house either with a full band or solo or a bit of both if you live in Austin,TX. Other ideas: a major dedication in the printing and artwork of my next record it's name would incorporate your name into it. Kind of like John Wesley Harding, but if your name was Joey Smuckerfoot, then I would name the record John Wesley Smuckerfoot. Is that good? Or buy 500 parrots, tape small paper cutouts of your picture on their wings and set them free? I will try to think of something unique and astounding for a contributor such as this.
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