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I’m a firm believer in asking for help when one needs it. And folks, I need it! It started several months ago, when I came across many what I call “Death Row” posts for several cats in Putnam County Animal Control. You see, I’m an animal lover ...

I’m a firm believer in asking for help when one needs it. And folks, I need it!

It started several months ago, when I came across many what I call “Death Row” posts for several cats in Putnam County Animal Control. You see, I’m an animal lover and one most especially of cats and even though I tend to avoid such heart wrenching FB posts because there doesn’t seem to be much one can do about them or for them and it hurts my soul to see, well,  this one, this one was different. This awful place that kills innocent animals weekly was HERE, close to me, here where I COULD do something about it!

So I did. With the help of a local rescue, my friends and I pulled many cats from Putnam’s Death Row these last few months, several of them pregnant moms to be or very young adults ALL slated to die senselessly via Heartstick if we or other groups hadn’t stepped up. And I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so and to save them! However, the Rescue that pulled them for us, for me, quickly became inundated with kitten season and was not able to help or support my foster cats and me in any meaningful way. They could barely help themselves! When that became clear to me---- that I was responsible for 8 adult cats (1 mom with 6 kittens, and two moms to be) I quickly created Passionflower Haven, a Facebook Page dedicated to these precious lives and their offspring in hopes of getting them the help they needed and to facilitate their adoptions.  It was the very first step to becoming my own Rescue, something that I am very passionate about and determined to do to help save the lives of the Putnam cats who stand little or no chance of survival once they enter Putnam Animal Control‘s door!

But here’s the thing, I am a responsible person and a good budgeter, but I live on a fixed monthly income and there is only so much I can do. Since and before Passionflower Haven’s inception, I have used all my resources for my DR foster’s care. In theory, I would have recouped some of that money in the adoption fee imposed by the Rescue org. and I would be ok, but that is moot now…

And other things have come up, further depleting my resources and even my rainy day “cushion”.

I have two foster cats, Claire Bear and Oatmeal that have been with us since February and I have not charged the family a thing (except spay/neutering + rabies shot) because I’m glad they made sure their cats were safe with me rather than the alternative choices they could have made…

When I agreed to take Nina and her 4 kittens that were on Death Row in Putnam, 2 extra kittens, Simba and Mica, were slipped in too because the volunteers were fearful they would be killed as they were “owner surrendered” and orphans!  And although I never actually agreed to it, I said “IF” no other can be found, yet another very pregnant cat, Ashley Bobtail, came along that day too, eventually having her 5 beautiful babies here in our home.

One of my best friends, who also fosters, showed up at my door 11:30 one April night in a frantic state with 3 very sickly emaciated and starving kittens that an inexperienced foster mom nearly killed, and I took them on and initially paid their vet bills, bought their formula and all their special needs as I bottle fed them and nursed them back to health.  Happily, with the help of our many wonderful FB friends on both my Pages, some of these costs were recovered, and Jazzy, Panda, and Charlie are still here with us today, happy, and getting healthier and stronger every day.

And then along came Sterling. A young local woman I had met a few months ago had contacted me through Sara’s Page about her neighbor having a kitty with a broken arm and “could I adopt him”, she asked. I, of course, did the responsible thing and said “no, I have a house full of kitties, but maybe I could help in another way, perhaps a fundraiser”. Then Leah, the woman with the injured kitty contacted me herself via Sara’s Page too and told me that the stray kitty HAD to go that night because her 9 month old daughter and she were suffering terrible allergies. She mentioned bringing him to the Humane Society and I immediately agreed to take him on temporarily. Although our Humane Society really does try to help animals, I just feared with kitten season in full swing, going there with such an injury might just be a death sentence for the little one which I of course couldn’t let happen!  And then when they were set to lop his injured arm off without doing X-rays I protested. If he were to be in my care then we were going to try to save his limb and he was immediately signed over to me. With A LOT of help from his many loving kind hearted and generous fans, Sterling has kept his limb and is recovering and is a very happy playful boy today!

I tell you all this because these are the facts, this is how events unfolded and have lead me to where I find myself now.

I broke a tooth today and before it turns into the excruciating pain and systematic infection  that I suffered with last thanksgiving and just two months ago again, I NEED to get my dental issues dealt with. But I can’t. I haven’t a spare nickel or any credit left to use. I used it all on the fur babies. Those of you familiar with Sara know that my trip to the dentist is how I ended up saving her. I used the Care Credit I got from my dental visit for her when she was so very ill. With the help of her very kind and generous friends, I recovered most of what her vet bills and care were and I was able to get the Care Credit balance down to just $300. And the remaining credit was to be used to deal with my health/dental issues. But then there was Oatmeal’s sickness (which again many kind folks did help to cover costs and then some), then Nina and kittens (who also received some kind donations, but nowhere near the bill), Panda, Charlie, and Jazzy. My Care Credit card IS at its $800 limit and the deferred interest is up this month! It was hard enough paying the 50 due every month, and now it just get worst and less money for my furry charges. I still owe my wonderful favorite vet $135.

I should have done my own fundrazr a few months ago to get Passionflower Haven and me to a level playing field, but Oatmeal, Panda, Jazy, Charlie, Nina & Kittens, and Sterling were in more dire need at the time than I was...

But now it's me that needs help…and with so many things. If you value what I do and think saving the lives of basically condemned cats is worthwhile, please consider donating so I can keep helping them and further the cause of changing how Putnam Animal Control Services Operates. I plan to become an official 501 nonprofit rescue but lack the time and attention needed to fully understand and fill out the paperwork. Is there a qualified individual out there who could help me with that? Once my rescues are ready, I need to get them adopted out ASAP, which in turn will cut expenses. Do you know how to use online adopt a pet services and could you volunteer to help me list my rescues? Do you have Networking abilities and connections that could help us? Look thru my Albums on Passionflower Haven, share my adoptable fur babies, help me get them loving forever homes. Please help me to continue to help them. Please come check out my Pages and get a feel for who I am and help me continue to keep doing my best for these sweet souls



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