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Help Little Nami Get The Treatment She Needs
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Last week Nami was a healthy young dog but within a matter of days her health suddenly spiraled downward. Blood tests indicate she has 'hepatic hyperbilirubinemia' caused by liver failure. Without proper treatment she will die. Please help little Nami.

On Friday, April 11th, my 2 y/o pit bull, Nami, was an energetic, playful dog with an annoying but cute stubborn streak. Before the weekend ended she had become lethargic with no interest in eating or drinking and she had started passing dark, rust colored urine. On Tuesday we scheduled a vet appointment and by Wednesday her skin's normally pink undertones had taken on the yellow hue of skin tinted by jaundice. 

The results of her blood tests showed all of her liver values were elevated indicating 'hepatic hyperbilirubinemia' caused by liver failure. Nami is a young, strong dog, who can recover from this if she receives proper treatment. Otherwise she will die because liver disease, if not treated appropriately, will just get worse and worse and will cause blood clotting deficiencies. It is the liver's job to make clotting proteins. The liver also makes other blood proteins like Albumen, which serves to hold fluid into the vasculature via its oncotic pressure. Without a good liver making these proteins the Albumen will lower in the blood stream and serum will gradually leak out of the vessels and pool into cavities like the abdomen and the chest.

I hope that my little Nami doesn't get to that end stage because she has been through so much already. When I first met little 5 month old Nami she had to be carried everywhere because prior to being rescued she had been subjected to physical abuse so severe that in addition to having broken legs, one which required FHO surgery to remove the ball of her femur, she was left with broken ribs, subcutaneous emphysema, massive pulmonary contusions, and other injuries. Despite having such a horrible beginning she has grown into an amazingly well adjusted, secure and happy dog. She so much deserves to have the opportunity to live a long life.

The Animal Medical Center (AMC) hospital quoted $4000 with $2000 required upfront just to admit her Alternatively, we were offered an $1100 outpatient option but that would only cover some of what she needs.

Usually I can come up with whatever funds are needed to take care of my dog's health but this is extraordinary and far beyond the average health care expense one anticipates.  Due to a recent series of unfortunate circumstances I find myself without the financial resources to pay for Nami's very necessary life saving treatment. I don't want Nami to die simply because I can not afford this urgently needed treatment that can save her life.She deserves better than . Please help save Nami from an an unnecessary economical euthanasia.

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