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Jillian’s Story  I’m not the type to ask for charity or financial help, but desperate times call for desperate measures! The Lord has always provided for our needs and I trust that He will continue to bless our family. I want to tell ...

Jillian’s Story
Police photo I’m not the type to ask for charity or financial help, but desperate times call for desperate measures! The Lord has always provided for our needs and I trust that He will continue to bless our family. I want to tell all the details of Jillian’s story so that you might understand better why I am asking for any donations or financial assistance. We need to raise money for legal fees ASAP even if it’s only $5, I am hoping that my friends will share with their friends and we might just do it. She is my youngest daughter and all you moms out there know the lengths you will go for your babies (even if they are 27)! She’s doing all the right things and contacting the many resources available to her. Has been on numerous job interviews and even had 2 call backs today. We believe she will have a job in a very short time. In the middle of all this she was admitted to the hospital with a severe kidney infection and Bartholomew’s cyst. She’s still pressing forward even through the pain. We need this money to retain an Indiana lawyer, since Ryan is petitioning the courts to have her bring the children back to Indiana even though he is up on felony charges for domestic battery. His abuse continues and threats are unending now even through the legal system. PLEASE HELP JILLIAN TO BEAT THE INJUSTICE OF THIS SITUATION AND KEEP HER AND HER CHILDREN SAFE! If he is allowed to make her return with the children her life and the children’s are in jeopardy. She would have to live in a shelter with her baby and toddler and have no means to support them, moral or financial.
Jillian moved to Plainfield, IN four years ago for a fresh new start on a new and better life. She met Ryan shortly after moving there and thought it was almost love at first sight. She was working cleaning homes and he had a home and a good job as a sheet metal worker. He was divorced with a young son of his own. Soon after dating for a short time Jillian gave up her apartment and moved in with Ryan. She should have gotten a hint when his step-mother burst into his home one morning after Ryan had left for work and Jillian was still in bed. She screamed at Jillian, calling her names and it just about scared Jillian to death, she didn’t know what to think or what to do… She drove home to Florida soon after that happened and discovered she was pregnant. Ryan begged her to come back to him and he promised the incident with his step mother was taken care of… She proceeded to make a home for her, Ryan and Ryan’s son, RJ. She took him to school and picked him up, doing all of the things that a mother would do since his mother always seemed to have some excuse to not have her son when it was her turn for visitation. Little did she know that Ryan had previously been arrested for domestic battery with his ex wife. He had been court ordered by that incident to attend domestic violence classes. 
The first sign of the physical abuse started not with hitting but pushing and grabbing. First came the apologies "I am so sorry I did not mean to grab you so hard but if you had only listened or did something right the first time we would have not had to go through that fight." He always claimed it was an accident or it was Jill’s fault. Ryans family was also well aware of the abuse that was going on in the home. On one night after ryan bloodied Jillians nose and split her lips she called Ryans grandparents scared not knowing who else to turn to because they were the only ones that had been civil with her. They came over looked at her face and said “its not that bad”. As time went on the abuse got worse and happened at a faster pace. He started punching and always making her face bleed. Also punched his fist through windows and walls. Most ofter breaking things that were special to Jill. She had no one to turn to. She was the typical case study in abused women. Instead of calling the police she would accept his apology that it would never happen again and even accepted an engagement ring from him. And became pregnant for the second time.
The final straw and the single most thing that changed Jillian’s course with him was the night they were finishing dinner. They had both had a couple of beers and apparently that gave Jillian the courage to tell him what she thought of his abusive behavior and how she wanted to come home to her family who loved her and supported her. The fight was on. There was nothing she could say or do to end this thing. He began throwing things off of the table and came within inches of hitting the baby with a plate. Her son was in his bedroom watching a movie, thank God. He got angrier and angrier and when she was bending over cleaning up after the mess he made when he shoved her with such force into a cabinet that it cut her lip and chin all the way through she received 6 stitches. It was not the first time he had drawn blood but this time she was really scared. She remembers being very calm and thinking about a lot of things, was she right with God, yes, would the children be ok, no, but in the end the only thing I could pray for was that my children be safe. This time she called the police and again was afraid for her life and lied to them saying she fell. The police immediately told her that didn’t believe her but called an ambulance for her. When she arrived at the emergency room she called me and told me what happened. I told her to immediately tell the nurse that she was afraid and get the police back. She did and they escorted her home into the house to make sure the children where there. When they found them sleeping they handcuffed Ryan and took him to jail. As soon as they did she packed up as much of their clothes into her little Toyota car and headed home to Florida. Leaving many of her own valuable, personal belongings, including children’s furniture, toys, etc. She called Child Protective Services in Indiana to let them know what she was doing. They contacted Child Protective Services here in Florida who came to my house to inspect and make she the kids were ok.
Jillian wanted to add these words: I tell this domestic violence story not for sympathy but to point out that you never know what the one thing in your life is going to be that changes you and everything you believe. If someone had told me I would let myself be hurt in this manner I would have laughed. I did find out that I am stronger than I thought. I also found out my children were affected just by the tension and the feelings. Since getting away they are much calmer and happier. The biggest thing I found out was that even someone who was smart could get into a situation like this. I just want anyone who is going through this to know you can get out and be safe. That is why I tell my story I am no longer ashamed and if one person can find a way out because they have heard my story then it is worth all the pain to relive it. So, if you or someone you love is going through this just know you are not alone and you are stronger then you think. Today could be your changing

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