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Usually, Quintin Cody celebrates his birthday in hugely social ways, such as extravagant dinners, free open bar parties, wine tastings, & All-Access VIP galas. HOWEVER, this year he has chosen a different route and needs your help in order to give back! !

Usually, Quintin Cody celebrates his birthday in hugely social ways, such as extravagant dinners, free open bar parties, wine tastings, All-Access VIP treatments, etc; however, this year he has chosen a different route and needs your help in order to give back to his Sickle Cell Community. To Do so, he is seeking to raise $2,800 dollars in 48 days; by January 1st.  Don't wait for Death to Donate, Do it NOW!! Only 112 are needed to achieve his goal... You could easily do this by sacrificing a meger five , $5 dollar footlongs, coffees, and/or fast food meals for just 7 weeks(less than 1 lunch meal a week), that only $25.00 American dollars. If can't donate a full $25 by January,  give whatever you can( Change included  ), then ask 5 or more of your friends to give you $5 to donate to this great cause. Do whatever you need to ensure Mr. Quintin reaches his goal. We can make his 28th birthday out to be one of the most memoriable of all, whilst aiding suffering members of the Sickle Cell Community.

Quintin Turner, BKA Cody to the Sickle Cell Community, is a young man that has made it past several adversities. He was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth, having his first Sickle Cell crisis, when he was just 2 months old. Growing up he suffered from several more pain crises and complications, such as frequent pneumonia, acute chest syndrome, organ failure, and being septic. He was placed on chronic, monthly, blood transfusions and eventually a small dose chemo. Today he still struggles with the disease, spends many days monthly in the pain infusion center at Vanderbilt, as well as, many weeks in the hospital throughout each year. He has been forced to resign from jobs and delay his schooling, to pursue a career in health field, as a Nurse Practitioner. Quintin Cody, has even had to fight forms of depression, medical discrimination, and addiction. Believe it or not, he has he faced problems dating, because of those who fear getting close and losing him. These are a few of the adult issues that come along with the ailment, that are often swept under the rug. Through all of this he refuses to give up and puts his time and focus on his health, education and most importantly to him his SCD Community and utilizing is talents to give God praise! He refuses to let his disease get the best of him, often saying “He lives life with Sickle Cell, not of Sickle Cell”, he knows he can do all things thru Christ and inspires others with such actions, on a daily basis. Quintin Cody was told he would not make it past the age of 7, then 11, 18, nor 21. It is on today, November 12th that he is now 28 years old, believing he has another 101 years of full life left.

Sickle Cell is a genetic blood disease, where oxygen is deprived in the Red Blood Cells (RBCs). Ultimately the RBCs, change shape from flexibly, round to rigid, sticky, crescent or C-shaped; making it difficult for them to pass through the veins. As a result vital organs are deprived from nutrients and oxygen, causing them to fail and/or shut-down, this also causes the pain patients experience. Patients also suffer from a weak immune system. Everything from stress to the weather can affect their health. Many SCD patients will die from complications of Sickle Cell before the age of 40, which is the average life-expectancy publicized by researchers today, this is if they even make it past high school age. Countless patients will have missed nearly a complete year, 365 days, of school by the time they graduate high school. The hardships of the disease can often be too much for patients and their families to face alone, leaving little hope of beating the odds. This is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed. No one should have to face this alone, however there are few support group and avenues where that they can turn to. Most people in the Sickle Cell Community have the trait and not the disease, and they are a much larger contributing part of this community, than often realized. People with the Sickle Cell Trait figure they are immune to health issues; however, they can suffer from complications of the ailment, including Hyper Exertion Syndrome and even death. Sickle Cell Trait was the leading cause of student-athlete deaths during the 1st decade of the 21st century. In recent years tragic is the light that has been shined on these facts, through the deaths of several athletes, partially in football. Some of the Sickle Cell Trait deaths including Orlando Sentinel, Jack Hill Jr., and Preston Birdsong.

Quintin Cody started his own Non-Profit organization, Sickle Cell United (S.C.U.) in 2010, out of great needs such as those listed above. The Sickle Cell Community is gravely under-recognized, for reasons unknown specifically. When you think of detrimental diseases or charities that could use your assistance, the first that come to mind are not often those that primarily affect minority community, like SCD. Often and mostly we think of a give our greatest attention to Cancer, Diabetes, MS, HIV/AIDs, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. Well Sickle Cell United is seeking to change this outlook, along with negative stigmas that has medical professionals look at patients a drug addicted, problematic patients. Beyond helping patients with financial aid and support, S.C.U. is educating the public, utilizing every venue possible, by hosting community meetings, events, seminars, health fairs, setting up blood drives, and more. 

In 2012 Quintin Cody had a car accident, as a result of a Sickle Cell crisis, where his truck fell from a 15-foot embankment. A truly traumatic event, his face was burned and his bones were fractured, many witnesses expected he would have been dead. He survived, but did not receive the proper home therapy and rehab due to lack of needed insurance, Sickle Cell United was, however, able to step in and help.  

Help Quintin Cody to achieve his mission by donation $25 today, or $5 dollars a week. If you can't afford $25 at this time please donate what you can, every dollar added up helps the reach the goal, no donation is to small. Quintin Cody was born 28 years ago, on 11/12 and it will take only 112 people giving $25 dollars to help him reach his campaign goal. He has more than enough friends to complete this goal 3-5 times over, so share this event and let’s get it done ahead of schedule.

He has given the challenge of “2800 in 48 days to complete this goal.” This means by the end of the day on January 1st, we should be at our goal of $2,800. 
Believing whole-heartily in this campaign, Quintin Cody has giving this campaign the 1st $25. Please stand united with him, follow suit in this, make your contribution, and re-share this with 5 people and ask them to give, just $5 dollars on your behalf for this great cause.
Let us come together and get this done, way ahead of the deadline. Give Generously, Give Often!!

Checks payable to: 
 Sickle Cell United, NPO
900 43rd Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37209

Toll-Free: 855-636-1468

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