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Megan, age 12, was recently diagnosed with leukemia.
Now her family needs help covering living expenses associated with Megan getting well.
Your contribution will help Megan and her family focus on winning the fight of her life.
About a month ago, my ...
Megan, age 12, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Now her family needs help covering living expenses associated with Megan getting well. Your contribution will help Megan and her family focus on winning the fight of her life. About a month ago, my niece, Megan Dillon, age 12 fell ill and passed out. Her mother (my sister) then took her to see the doctor. In her Mother's words: The doctor believed she had hypoglycemia, but she was running a low-grade fever and her blood pressure was high. The doctor asked to see her again in a few days. At that next visit, Megan was running a high fever; she had also vomited once or twice in the previous three days. The doctor diagnosed her with strep throat. She had a CBC ran (complete blood count), which showed an increase in one of her WBC’s (white blood cells). Her mono test was negative. She was given an antibiotic shot. Still, Megan continued to run a fever of 102-104. Meg returned to the doctor the following Monday with a high fever and increased vomiting. The doctor asked us to stop at the hospital for lab work. Unfortunately, the blood work from the hospital clotted. At the doctor's office, we waited for some time. Staff had already shut down the CBC machine so the doctor just requested a mono spot again, which was negative. After listening to her chest, he asked one of the other doctors to listen to her and they determined she had pneumonia and she was prescribed an oral antibiotic. The doctor asked me to call him by Wednesday morning and let him know how she was. The morning of May 9 arrived with Meg continuing to run a temperature greater than 102. Also, her vomiting had increased to the point that she couldn't keep her antibiotic down. I called the doctor, who told me to take her to the ER to receive fluids and to launch another round of lab work. He thought her fever might be related to dehydration. Lab work was drawn and IV fluids were started. The ER doctor came in to tell me the pathologist found Lymphoblasts in her blood and requested a hematology consult. I asked the ER doctor to call our pediatrician. When he arrived, he looked over her labs and assessed her. At 10:05 am, he told me that my baby girl's labs suggested Leukemia and he was sending us five hours away to the best hematologist in Texas. The rest of Megan's story Megan was checked into Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, TX, where her family learned she has the rarest type of childhood leukemia, AML, and the most aggressive form. Doctors said her only chance of beating it would require intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Megan will not be able to leave the hospital for the next six to eight months. Her 13th birthday is August 12th. Now, why she needs our help: Megan’s stepfather is a police officer hurt in the line of duty; a car hit him during a traffic stop about five years ago. Her mother, a nurse, is the family's main breadwinner. She works very long hours and also has been studying at night to earn her master’s degree; she was three classes away from finishing up when this hit. To stay with her Megan in Fort Worth, which is three to four hours from their Midland home, her mother gave up her job. This twist means, too, that the family must shift its health insurance to COBRA. Blessedly, though, the Ronald McDonald House has provided her with a place to stay and she's also been permitted to sleep in Megan's hospital room. Still, the Ronald McDonald House requires family members to move out for two weeks every 45 days. Setting aside the mounting medical bills, Megan's family faces tremendous living expenses so her mother and stepfather can stay near her during this ordeal. Imagine taking on such a challenge while trying to keep your home intact. Costs relate to food, lodging, gas money and, of course, continuation of the vital health coverage. We don't know what total expenses are going to be, but we HAD to get something started. Costs will continue to spiral. It is critical that Megan and her family focus all of their energy and strength on winning this battle. So, we are raising money to offset/assist with these expenses. Our hope is that we alleviate related financial burdens so Megan and her family can concentrate on helping her get better. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. All contributions are deeply appreciated. Anything you can give will help! You can also keep track of Megan's day to day progress with her facebook page. Search for Team Megan Fan Club. Go Team Megan!!! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please email Emily Lee (Megan's Aunt) at THANK YOU – Megan, Lisa and Chris, Patrick, Wyatt, Weston, Braeden and Family. Please note: Many people have asked if they may send a donation by mail. Certainly! Please send checks to the attention of Emily Lee (Megan’s Aunt) made payable to Lisa Earp, 2200 Rio Grande, Austin,
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