Pikachu Had Nobody to Come For Him
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Apparently the Universe doesn't know that we have saved 4 parvo dogs and need a break because the Universe (and by universe we mean "City of Miami") has brought another little one to our doorstep that needs only the kind of help that DRSF can provide.

A plea went out for a doxie mix pup that of course we said we would take.  A little puppy....super easy to place, no major medical, what could go wrong?

We named this little peanut Pikachu and got him to Everglades Animal Hospital and the care of Dr. Wemen.  When Dr. Wemen went to examine him, something wasn't right.  In fact, something was way wrong.  Pam got the call, "is there something wrong with this little guy that we should know about"....Nope, nothing was in the medical notes.

Dr. Weman noted "severe in-coordination - hypermetria, intention tremors.  All signs appear only when placed on the floor or initiation of movement is required.  When held he stays quiet."

There were likely a short list of things that could be causing this kind of neurological presentation and none were good choices- distemper, an inflammatory issue, or a permanent condition.  A distemper test came back negative and so it is onto an MRI for further diagnosos.

We have asked for SO, so much and you have been there so, so many times for those who need our help.  Little Pikachu has made his way to our door and we could not turn him away.  Do you have a little bit more love and support to spare?  He is so very tiny and deserves every chance.

As always, every dollar counts the same and if everyone gives even a few dollars, we can meet our goal for him.  Thank you, thank you for making it possible for us to make doxie dreams come true!

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