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Are you an entrepreneur, like us? We understand the challenges of getting started and the uphill battle of keeping it going. We also know the startup costs associated with converting an idea into a successful business and we want to help you get your feet off the ground and grow faster.

Our team at The Profile believe in the power of community and we bank on our supporters to help us out so we can provide the ultimate Coworking space to offer you. Now we are asking our same network of supporters to help you out, directly.

This unique crowdfunding campaign is created to give you a platform to reach out to our network and your network, and get funding assistance for a full year Community membership to The Profile. It will give you full privilege access to our space, events, and ecosystem as you work hard to achieve your goals.

Our network of corporations, banks, law firms, service providers and VC's etc. want to be involved in this process. So tell your story, make it personal, share it amongst your friends and family, and we promise to help you reach your goals by getting it in their hands as well.

It's easy and quick. Submit your story and let’s get you in our community soon.  We know you’re the next big thing:

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