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Before he was Master Splinter, he was a scared, blind, sick, shivering lump of dog who existed in a hoarders prison. He was freed from that prison, rescued by Marley's Mutts from the Shafter Animal Shelter and brought up to the rescue. He has thrived up here and become a bright, shinning orb of joy. We love this dog more than words and want to help save his life. We recently discovered that Splinter has a softball sized mass in his abdomen which requires immediate attention.Master Splinter is headed back to LA with Doc Mac and Little Bear to have a series of test performed at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital​. He needs x-rays, ultrasound and fine needle aspirate to properly diagnose his illness. Based on those results, Master Splinter will head into surgery to have the very large mass removed. With the x-rays taken at TVH, you can see the softball sized tumor has actually moved most of his internal organs over to one side, which can't be comfortable. Depending on which organ the tumor is attached to, the cost will vary. The preliminary estimate has come in at 5-7 thousand, which includes imaging and the rest. We are going to get a fundrazr going and hope you guys can come through strong for our wise Master Splinter. Stay posted, pray hard, think positive, share our posts-- do whatever you can to please keep our boy in your hearts. I have fallen in love with this dog, as I'm sure most of you have too, and I just want to get him through this. Thank you Mutt Militia, your generosity and support is appreciated and cherished.


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